November 1, 2011

Back into the Groove!!!

Hi friends and loyal followers!!! Yes I am back and couldn't be happier about it..Last week I organized my new scrapbooking room and put together a few projects I want to share with you.

The first project was a birthday gift for my twin sister, she absolutely loves it. I found a new style within me and learned that I love paint! I now am using paint for scrapbooking along with projects on canvas. Enjoy!

Canvas Project #1

My sister and I, ohh!!! and Twinkles!

Yes we are identical, I didn't know which one was me until my sister had pointed it out, hehe

The first letter 'S' is wooden, the rest I dabbed through a letter template with paint.

I love layering even though I may need a course in it, lol

Can you believe I found these at the dollar store!!!

Canvas Project #2

This project was a mixture of paint and a little scrapbooking... They are now on my wall and I am in love with them and plan on doing many more.

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