November 3, 2012

HIMCR #70 Challenge

Welcome to this weeks challenge over at HIMCR!!! 3 favorite Colors
(Blue, Red, White OR Blue Red and Pink are my favorite 3 colors but as you will see I used more as summer calls for yellow!)

I had such a hard time with this challenge, hence the word "Challenge"!  Each DT member was given a digital  from the Scrapbook Stamp Society   I got "Mermaid Queen"by Sherri Baldy

My biggest challenge is Summer and Fantasy  and I thought about what I would do with her for 2 hours... nope, nothing, my brain was blank, hahaha...I thought enough stalling so pitter patter I got at her..... (dove in blind)

As I am secretly working on my coloring skills  I decided to print the image out on pattern paper and give Mermaid Queen  a poka -dot- bikini , hehe!! I also did her crown and tail with a different pattern paper..  I did the eyes, skin and hair with Spectrum Noir!!  Yayyyy!!!  So ok I can't brag to much because there is actually suppose to be water around her but I messed it up so bad there was no fixing it.

I certainly don't know who I would ever give this card too, hahaha.. it has two meanings... is she hot or is she hot? lol


Hop on over and link up your project!!!! 

November 2, 2012

Christmas treat box/ New Bow Maker!!!


I am so excited to show you my project today using my new bow maker from 3 Girl Jam!!!  I also got 5 colors of their amazing crinkled ribbon, eeek!

I have been following 3 Girl Jam for a while and they have super awesome challenges every week, now that I have my ribbon I would love to particapte more!!
They are a small family oriented company ran by Julie and her two daughters Avery and Mackenzie , drop on by and check out their awesome blog!!! 
Here is my project today using 3 Girl JAM products:
Bow Maker
Halloween Harvest from "New" Season's Bundle
Also I used the snowman and Falala sentiment from  The Alley Way Stamps

Have a super day!

November 1, 2012

Spark Your Creativity Challenge (Anything goes!)

Happy November!!!!

Today  my DT project for Spark Your Creativity (Anything goes) is another Christmas card! I am in love with this one because I got to use my new Chevron stamp I got while in Halifax with Michael!
To link up your project follow this link:
(Be sure to hop over and spread your bloggy love to the DT members!)
I paper pieced the penguin's scarf, hat and gloves.. (I should have taken a side shot)  Isn't he cute!!!
I like this card because it is an card and envelope in one!

Visit my new digital online store where all digitals are $1.00!!!!

Have a fantastic day!

October 31, 2012

Sunshine Award (Beware, profound)

 Hello my sweet blogger friends,

First I want to let you all know that my digital online store is live!!!!!   I would love for you to visit just to let me know what you think of it, (I am certainly not asking that you buy anything) .. I am just so excited it is done and want you to share in my excitement... I worked 9 hours straight on it yesterday determined to fix the technical issues with it..
 I still have a few small things to work out and I am asking that if you do notice anything wrong, please let me know... I already know about the butterfly covering part of the first sentence on the home page and there is a few broken links, let me know and thanks to you who already made me aware, I appreciate it.

Now for today!

 I am so excited and honored to have received an award for my blog! It is called the Sunshine award and was given to me from the wonderful talented Karon  over at Karon's crafty corner   Thank you Karon!!!!


(I get to pay it forward!:-) eeeek!

Here are the rules:

1. Include award logo in blog post.
2. Thank the blogger who gave it to you and include a link back to them.
3. Answer 10 questions about yourself, that you have made up yourself.
4. Nominate 10-12 bloggers and contact them at their blog site to inform them.

 Question 1:

What do you do when you are not crafting, drawing digitals or building a website?

The real answer would be flat out on the couch watching Dr. Oz, Ellen or Mike and Molly....  but lets not get too real, hehe... I love to visit with my friends , talk on the phone or get really silly with Michael... I have at least 20 different voices I use doing different characters. I rarely ever leave the house which I am working on.

What is your favorite color combo?
Red , White and Blue

Question 3:

What do you like best about blogger world?

The sincere and genuine friendships that I have developed and are constantly in contact with through email, you know who you are!

Question 4:

What do you like least about Blogger world?

 I don't have enough time to visit all the friends I want everyday... I spend close to 2 hours a day commenting so if I miss yours one day, I will be there in the next couple of days or make up for it when I do!

Question 6

What is your biggest passion in life?  (Getting profound )

My biggest passion is spiritual growth:

To work on the little things rather than the big so it is not so overwhelming;
To be more aware of my actions and how it effects others rather it be good or bad.
To be aware of guild rather it be over food or a response in a bad situation.

( Here is a little story that changed how I viewed  holding onto guilt)

When we pray and ask God to forgive us, God puts up a sign that says "NO FISHING" in the sea of forgetfulness... So in other words if God can forgive and forget, why do we get stuck at forgiving ourselves? If we forgave ourselves we wouldn't have guilt.

Question 7

What do other bloggers not know about you?

Before being diagnosed I was a singer, Guitar player, music composer, lyric composer (written over 400 songs), and I taught Guitar lessons and played and sang all over PEI.. I also had a contract with RCA Records!  ( Yeah, I blew it but it certainly worked out for the best)

Question 8

What are your favorite card making tools?
The embosser, Grand Calibur and Stamps!!! Did I mention stamps!

Question 9

Who are you inspired by most?

Christina from

Question 10

Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging because I was diagnosed with MS and I needed something to do to take my mind of all the pain and challenges.. Michael was diagnosed the same month with Autism.... I gained strength, ambition and let my creativity flow which freed my mind!
 Last year I was diagnosed with Fibromyalsia so in other words I sit in the "Unknown" territory but  blogging and having friends like you inspire me (really inspire me!!!) By nature I am a positive person but having all this extra positivity in my life in bloggy land helps me deal with the physical pain, mentally I am free which is half the battle! 

Here are my nominations for this Sunshine Award!

Christina- Flowers, Ribbons and Pearls
Jessica - Chick and Scrap
Julie - Life with the Wolek Clan
Migdalia- Creating with Creative M
Karen- Kaleidoscope sparkles
Carrie - Doubleclick Connections- A busy bee
Kristan- Babycakes
Lisa - A mermaids craft
yyam- Do more with less
Sherrie- Sherrie scraps with Passion

I also wanted to add Karon , my amazing talented friend who nominated me but I know too well she will not want to do this twice in two days, hahahahaha   I also have so many more amazing friends that I would have loved to have included.

Have a super fantastic day!!!!!!!!!

October 30, 2012

Online Store up and running (Mozilla firefox)

Hey!! Just dropping in with a very quick update:

I worked all day, and I mean all day at my website trying to resolve issues... I am excited to say if you use Mozilla Firefox you can now see my new online store!!!!!

  I am not asking you to buy, I am just too excited and really want you to see all the work I put into it!!! eeeeeek!

Can someone check it out and let me know if you are having problems with it , pretty please!

I just may get to visit you all this evening, lol


Here is the address:

First of all I am praying for all that is effected by Sandy, I pray all my bloggy friends are safe and sound.
Today I am excited to share with you a layout my twin sister made!!!! This is Norma's first ever scrapbooking page, she called this album  Art scrapbook and this realistic cute dog is one of many drawings to come.. I am so proud of her for allowing me this fantastic work of art  to  my favorite people in the world. YOU!  Leave Norma some bloggy love and show her how it feels!! 

Also it is that time again , a free digital!!!


I have to give you an update on my online store....As you know the site is complete, the domain is bought..since then I have uploaded it with Filezilla  which allows all of you to see it on the web.... the sad news is that we are having a lot of technical difficulty therefore no one can view it yet..I have been on umpteen live chats with the host provider trying to sort it out,  they say the problem is with Internet explorer and gave me a few things to do..... I totally messed it up and now I have to go back a couple of steps to even get to the point of dealing with the real issue.... this has been very trying but I am certainly learning lots! Wish me luck pleaseeeee!!!  LOL

I got out of the Christmas and Halloween scene and decided to draw something totally unrelated to any holiday ... enjoy this really cute dog!!!!!

Oh and I can't draw any more digitals until I get a new tablet, mine broke yesterday... my my

Have a beautiful day and remember, we can always deal with anything in this very moment... so keep your mind from travelling forward and backward building and accumulating fears.

October 29, 2012

Halloween for 25 Glickens/ Winner!!!!!

Good Morning!

The past two days I have been really busy taking the woods from the woods, hehe. My twin sister and a friend of hers (Sue) went to Muns Road and it was extraordinarily beautiful with colored leaves everywhere! The trees were draping over the road almost meeting and the road itself was covered!  

We retrieved 8 huge bags of leaves, 25 small bags and lots of dried ferns and other dried weeds to create a Fall/Halloween scene in my yard. 

  I live on an ocean front and  don't have ONE tree in my yard, hence the reason having to load up so much.

 Here are some pictures of what we did, I also had Kelly and the terrifically talented Theresa over and Theresa helped! Michael was having a terrific time with his best friend.


Today my project is a treat bag to hold all 25 treats for Michael's classmates!

I used a green bag that I got from Michael's Store, added a couple of cricut cuts, halloween stamps and a black hair net!  To keep the handles together I used an onion bag and twine.


 Attention: Winner!!!! 
So I was going through my posts this morning to delete the "free for one week digital " and I was shocked I had forgotten about choosing a winner for my 250 follower giveaway!!! I am super sorry and as you all know there has been a lot going on and I soooo hope you understand.. So without any further delay....  The winner of the 250 follower giveaway is !!!!!
Crazy For Christ
(To claim prize , email me with your address, my email is
Congrats Kristan!!!!

Have a splendid day!!!!

October 28, 2012

Simple Christmas Card #2

Hello my awesome followers and welcome newbies,  I am always so happy you stopped by to visit!

Today I am showing you another simple Christmas card I made!


How to make today's card?

  • Cut white piece of cardstock 5" by 41/4"
  • Cut white layer 4 3/4" by 4"
  • Stamp with the writing stamp from Tim Holtz Visual Artistry Collection
  • Emboss layer with your own choice of embossing folder ( I don't have the name to mine)
  • Ink only the right top corner and lower left corner using Tim Holtz Red Brick Distress ink using an ink blender.
  • Make flower with Spellbinders astar flower topper
  • Add pearl to center of flower ( I didn't have the right color so I used a red Spectrum Noir Pen to color it, a tip I got from Christina over at
  • Next cut a pennant out of white cardstock and stamp with a sentiment of your choice!  Voila!


I have a request , would all of my blogger friends leave your snail addy below in the comment box or if you don't want your address to be shown to the public just email me at
The reason I am asking is because sometimes it is nice to send a friend a card for an occasion or just because and you really don't want to ask the person right on top of that holiday for it ruins the surprise factor don't you think? I am going to keep them all handy so one day you just might get a card from me!
Have a super fantastic day!

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