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Christmas Flower Paper ball

Well hello my peeps!!!! I am so excited I have a little time to drop in this morning and show you a project I have been working on, it's not completed yet but only 75 more folds to go which will total 1275 folds in total. I am showing you the finished side, hehe I will also be punching a  hole and adding gold glittery string and hang it from my ceiling. Behold my Christmas Flower Paper Ball!!!! Now I warn you it is far from perfect but it happens to be what I love about it, I didn't use a tutorial for I was given one petal from the Ronald MacDonald House in Halifax when Michael went in for surgery, I unfolded it to learn where the score lines were and went from there.  Today I am very excited my friends are all having a party for my sister and I tonight! I am so touched they would do this for us, it is our birthday Monday and I can't believe we will be 40!!! Imagine!!! From here on I am 40 years YOUNG Hugs to all!! 

Saturday Sneak Peek

Happy Saturday to you all.  We are about to embark on a four week theme over here on Creative Bug on the Loose as we start to get prepared for the Christmas season.  Oops, well there is one hint.  Here is another...

I don't know what was wrong with me when I created this particular sneak peek.  I may just as well, have given the entire image away!!!!  Sheesh!  Offer up your guesses by Wednesday at 5:00 pm EST in a comment on this post to be eligible.  Looks like I better get busy making that extra goody now because it is highly likely, everyone offering up a guess will get it right.

DON'T FORGET...  there is still time to sign up for your chance to win Naomi's latest new release:  Owl Scenery Simplified!  Click HERE to find out how.
Enjoy the remainder of your weekend everyone!  I'll see on Thursday when it is time for the newest release.

Design Team Update...

Hey guys, I'm here today to share some news with you.

First the sad news...

{Image courtesy of Farconville /}
Unfortunately, due to illness, both Jennifer and Patti have had to step away from their Creative Bug Digis DT duties indefinitely.  I hate that they aren't feeling well.  They will definitely be missed over here!  Please join me in wishing both of them the best, on their journey to better health.

I do have some good news, though... 
{Image courtesy of Farconville /}
Someone new will be joining our team very soon.  Since Thursdays are traditionally a day when we cover a new release and this new team member will be on the New Release Team, it seems fitting that I introduce her today.

So let's meet her shall we?

I am pleased to introduce you to...
Hi my name is Monica and was born and raised in San Diego, California. I currently live I Phoenix Arizona with my husband of 21 years, my 16 year old son and 2 Dachshund dogs. I …

Bit By the Bug Tuesday -- "Thanksgiving Girl"

Hello all you wonderful people.  It is Tuesday and you know what that means!  It is time for the latest freebie.  This week I am sharing...

Thanksgiving Girl Click HERE to get "Thanksgiving Girl".  Available from November 19th until December 2nd. After that it will be replaced with another freebie.
Naomi is unavailable to put the freebie in the store this week so for now you can grab it right here...
EDIT: This image has been removed as the newest freebie is coming out in a few hours.  If you would like to purchase this image you can find in HERE in the store.

Thanksgiving Girl  is one of Naomi's existing images but it has been revamped to make it darker.  Isn't she just the sweetest thing?  There are so many things in this world to be grateful for so it is nice to see her giving thanks for that she has.  Many of you weren't following the first time she was offered as a freebie, so now is your opportunity to add her to your collection.

Let us check and see what one…