February 18, 2012

Free Peace Girl

Sorry this digital has been removed, you can buy this digital in my online store (Creative Bug Digital's) for just $1.00!!
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I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend! Michael and I just came in from outside, the snow is falling ever so gracefully...we built a volcano!!! I mixed red acrylic paint with water and put into a squirt bottle, it was a fun project, the proof was in the red rosy cheeks that awed Michael, he kept looking at himself in the mirror, hehe. I will post a picture next post because I just came in here in a hurry to give you a free digital I made yesterday. I hope you like it and can use it!

February 14, 2012

Valentines For Teachers

Happy Valentines Day!!!

The first thing my little boy said when he woke was "Do you have a surprise for me?" My brain finally woke up and I realized it's Valentines Day!!! Now honestly I am not one to really celebrate Valentines in the way of buying anything...I had only bought a few chocolates which I gave to Michael, he was happy and then Troy walks in with a new DSI Game... well lets just say Michael lit up light a Christmas tree. I like to celebrate Valentines by doing something handmade and share a beautiful meal with the people you love and to go the extra mile to make a little something for people who have an impact on you or your child's life. Well that is just what I did for Michael's teachers...

We had a storm the other day with really high winds and hail...3 days later we are still dealing with pure ice! Take a look at these pictures!!

I got locked out this morning, lol... I really did

I did this one in black and white because the ice really shows up this way...see the ray of light from the sun! This picture was taken as the Sun was rising.

These bushes are so shiny in real life

Soooooo beautiful..this is the view from my front deck, this was actually last evening as the sun was setting.

Have a fantastic Valentine's Day!

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