March 23, 2013

Important Update

Happy Saturday!
I hope you are all having a fantastic weekend! Michael and I are heading out to play in the 4 to 5 feet of snow at the end of my driveway, hehe!
I am writing a quick post to let you all know that my yahoo email account has been hacked, please do not open any emails coming in my name as off Saturday 7:47 am
I will be using my bellalliant email address
So here it is
  To make sure the Spam bots don't pick up this address you will have to take out the spaces and put @ in place of at and . in place of dot
jerri255 at bellaliant dot net
Sorry for an inconvenience this may cause

March 22, 2013

Meet My Family!

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Before I get started I have to tell you I have tried everything under the sun trying to take my name out of the spot it is sitting and I just can't find a solution... so ignore the sign off on the 4th line , LOL

Happy Friday!!!!!!!
Today I am showing yet another side of me so you are getting the full dose!!
To start I bet most of you don't know that....

Overlooking my home town - "Marystown"

I moved at the age of 19 to come to Prince Edward Island which was 20 something years ago, (can't tell you my age now can I?)

 I was raised by the most beautiful person in the world, my mom and best friend.. I always tell her if I look even half as good as her at her age I will be the happiest girl alive, I have been saying it since I was a teenager... you will see why, take a looky and meet my mommy!!!!

 Take note of the Joy spirits!!!
Here are the three girls of the family

My mom and I- do we look alike? Hey? Hey?!!!!
(I need to know my future!! hehe!)
 My mom and Michael    
Blogger will no longer give me the option to make the pictures larger, anyone else having this prob?
Of course you all know Michael!!!
What a happy glicken!!!
My oldest son Ryan, the most beautiful gentle intelligent soul in the world,
(I'M NOT BIAS! get that out of your head!)
Ryan is in University majoring in Biology and decided that he doesn't like it so now he is taking a Phyc course thinking of the option of being a physcologist for men in the army... I am super proud of him. He is gorgeous too, LOL  They all are!!!
 Here is Troy!!  So many of you heard of him but have never been able to put a face to him.... ok.......ya still can't I know........ but you at least have an idea.... he is a hard man to convince to have a snapshot taken, he knows me so well I can't even sneak one but what can he do when I am inside and he is outside? , you gotta have clean windows!!

My Brother Dino and my nephew Peyton at my mom's house, I could just squeeze the cheeks right of him
 ( that's the Newfie coming out) 
My brother Jamie with his new slickster hairstyle , picture him with dark hair and you will get the look God gave him, black to white was quite a shock to us, hahahaha , then again he would look good in purple hair with green polkadots.. yeah he's gorgeous too, (winks)
A collage for y'all
  and another

My youngest brother Gregory and his girlfriend Janelle...

These are the people I love
Hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little more, I hope that you will all do the same!!

Off to make Peanut Butter Cookies with Michael, I will defiantly let you know how it turned out seeing I am letting Michael do everything, even crack the egg!!!!  Imagine!!!

Sign off should be here, pretend you see it...
Have a super day!!!!!

March 20, 2013

Another Side Of Me

Click Here to get this weeks free digitals , "Angelina Flowertina" and "Maximus MacBunny" 
Happy Wednesday!!!
Today I am doing something different, I am letting you in on another side of me!
 Considering I have never used stitching on my cards or layouts you may find it surprising to know that I also sew! Truth be told my sewing machine has been in the basement since I moved so it has been a while, I think it is time to get it back out.
Here are a few projects I did, I learned to sew by myself so of course in the beginning it was...
 lets say a little rough around the edges but as with anything it becomes easy when you know how, lol
I started out doing pillows or couch pillows as some call them , towards the end of this creative adventure I was making one in a whopping seven betcha I timed it!!
From Casual Pillows
To Fun Pillows that could be hung

To sets which made great gifts

I am the type of person who cannot make the same type of anything over again  so I had to explore my options which resulted in making aprons
They started out simple (of course!)

To making the whole kit and kaboodle

That was short lived as well so I started to alter my jeans, trying to invent my own style (That didn't work out so well, lol)
You guessed it , I moved onto making curtains which seem to last longer than anything else I attemped, horray for me!! It lasted 1 whole month, hehe!
Back to pillows and I covered this whatchamacallit... don't know the name for it
and when this was out of my system I got serious and started to recover Sofa cushions , I did cottages and campers and loved every minute.  Then I found scrapbooking and fell in love all over again.
I hope you enjoyed getting to know a little more about me, tomorrow I am sharing my family with you!! 
Have a fantastic day!!

March 19, 2013

2 Free Digitals "Maximus MacBunny" "Angelina Flowertina"

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Happy Tuesday!!!!
Today I am giving away Bellina's hottie!,oh! you didn't know she had a hubby? Meet
Maximus MacBunny 
and he is all yours , just go HERE and scoop him up.
He might not come across as bright trying to hide that big egg from Bellina but he sure had quite the bod!!!

Need Inspiration!!!
Have a looky at what Ike from over at Ike's World did!!! If you have never been over to Ike's she is bound to wow you with all the different styles of projects from cards to digital layouts and her totally unique creative touch on them all!!!  I am not using the word unique lightly here, Ike has projects that literally make my jaw drop.
I asked her just yesterday if she could help me out by doing a card for today so on a last minute notice she says of course!!!  I knew I was pushing it but was so surprised she jumped at it so without further adieu  here is Ikes Twisted Easel Card.

 To visit Ike go HERE!!! Pop over and say hi and leave some bloggy love!
For the second freebie we have
Angelina Flowertina!
Click HERE to get Angelina Flowertina!!!
Isn't this card Gorgeous!!!! It was made by Jo Ann from over at
Have a great day and stay tuned for my 300th Celebration this week.. I have an awesome giveaway, or should I say giveaway's?!!!!!

March 17, 2013

I Have A Winner!!!! (Bellina MacBunny)

This is my second post today, go HERE for the first.
First of I want to thank you all for participating and remember to come back this Friday for another new release and chance to win!
To collect your winnings please email me with "winner" typed in the subject bar.
Congrats Ike!!!!!!
 I can't wait to see what you will create with her!!!!!

Finished "Love" Album

Happy Sunday!
Is anyone spring cleaning yet? I have started and have 4 rooms done plus did a lot or organizing in my scrap room, it certainly gives you the feeling that spring is in the air!
If you have been following me you are going to remember my "Love" album in the image below. I am always creating for others so this one was for me, I planned to have it done by Valentine's Day and I actually did but never had the chance to post it so here it is!

 I used two of my wooden stamps (written word and chevron) to create the subtle background and popped the page with prima flowers. I will be adding a picture of my beautiful mom on here , she is wearing a gorgeous top with multi colors with one of them colors being the same as the flowers.

I used corrugated cardboard paper for the base and inked it with Black Soot distress Ink,  I broke a Popsicle stick and stamped "In My" using Black Staz On Ink..The material flowers are from recollections and I used  Spellbinders motives under the glow in the dark letter M (which is hard to see in the photo) that I pulled from Michael's unused items.

Wishing you all a fantastic Sunday!!!!

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