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Saturday Sneak Peek

I hope that this Saturday finds you happy and living life to its fullest wherever you are in the world.  For those of you in the USA I hope you are enjoying this nice long Independence Day weekend.

Time to take a gander at the newest sneak peek as we gear up to unveil the latest new release coming out on Thursday.

Sadly, we only had two people sign up to try and win the last new release.  So, instead of a draw, I am just going to go ahead and award Bringing Balloons to the two people who took the time to participate.
IKE and VICKY Please send me an email by clicking HERE with the subject "BRINGING BALLOONS" and I'll send you both a copy of Naomi's fab new image perfect for any card where a celebration of some sort is necessary.
Now you all know that this month we have the Bug Brigade firmly en-route so you have a major clue as to what the image will be.  You just have to guess what kind of bug and the scenario he or she is in.  You know I love to see your guesses no m…

The Summer Bug Brigade Begins

Hello all my lovely new friends.  Today marks the beginning of a new month of freebies and new releases that we are affectionately calling the 'Summer Bug Brigade'.  Naomi has created a couple new bugs and revamped some old ones; so, prepare yourself to bug out over these cute little critters.

First up this month we have....
Angel Bug
With all the hustle and bustle going on between my trying to launch my DT over on the Path of Positivity and Naomi preparing for her very important weekend with the trade show, Michael's birthday AND their Canada Day celebration, we sort of didn't get the freebie into the store in time.  So for now, I will offer it here for you.  Just click it, to bring it up in its own window and then right click and save it in its full resolution size.  As soon as we get it into the store though, I'll be removing it from this post and providing the link for you to go and grab it there.

 This image has been removed as it is now in the store in the freeb…

Path of Positivity - Challenge 4- "Caring"

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and for those of you living in Canada HAPPY CANADA DAY!!!! This is a fun filled day for us for we are also celebrating Michael's 10th birthday!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHAEL!!! We will be going to Canada events held every year filled with local talent, games, face painting , name it!!! Later tonight we will have tons of friends on my front deck watching the fireworks seeing I have the absolute perfect view. There will be hot dogs hamburgers and steak to boot! I will be sure to share pictures with you very soon, this is one of my favorite days through out the year, Canada Day , here we come!!!! My project today is for a new Design Team intrically put together by Lisa Decosse... "The Path of Positivity" Lisa has an amazing Design Team!! I am so proud to brag how awesome they are ... the comunication level is off the charts, being part of this team you never have to wonder if you belong or you never have a question that will n…