Freebie "Presents and Teddy Bear"

Sorry this digital is no longer available however you can buy any digital of mine for just a dollar at !!!  Check back weekly for a free digital!

I hope you are all doing well and relaxed at the same time preparing for Christmas!! There were things I couldn't get done but I am OK with that.
Life presents challenges at times we don't expect , there is no specific date and many of you are facing those challenges as I write this so to worry about not getting cards complete or a gift sent  would be only adding to the stress.
I would love for all of you to be the watcher of your thoughts as you prepare for Christmas , don't judge your thoughts in any way or resist them, just watch and be aware.
Are you giving a gift or card out pure love?
because that person is buying you a gift and you don't want to be judged?
Lets try and make this Christmas the way it is meant to be:
Celebrate the birth of the world's greatest example "Jesus Christ" by giving with all your heart and doing only what you are able to do physically and financially. 
Now that I found my shovel and dug myself out I have a free Christmas digital for you!!!! Enjoy!!

Merry Christmas!!!!!!


Karon said…
I understand where you are coming from Naomi and we do sometimes try to appease because we feel we have too. I am a person that finds it very difficult to receive things (including approval) as I feel that people just do it because they have to. I give a lot though with very little in return, but do not begrudge anyone the gifts I make or give because what I get in return is the smile on their faces:-) Have a great Sunday. Hugs, and thanks for the freebie. Karon
Amen girl!!! Couldn't have said it better myself!! :)
katieo said…
I know what you mean. I am so busy doing the things I think I need to do Instead of enjoying my time off with my family. Today my son and husband are fishing, but I feel I need to stay home to clean, cook decorate the house etc. I always like giving gifts to all of my coworkers. Little lip glosses or candy.
Thank you for the freebie. I am missing you something awful. Dave goes for surgery tomorrow. They had to postpone b/c he was still on his blood thinners. Hope things have smoothed out for you & yours. Hugs~Patti
Lisa said…
What a beautiful message, Naomi!! And your freebie could not be cuter!! I hope all is well my friend!! Happy Sunday :)

A Mermaid's Crafts
Can I hear a Hallelujah! Well said. Now I just have to actually pay attention to the 'stop stressing' part.
I figure for now I better let you know when I've sent you something because here you'll get to much quicker than there ;-). Regarding your email-no apologies necessary. Given the state of things, I had a suspicion it got lost in the shuffle. I'm glad you liked your freebie and am glad you will be able to use it. I'm excited to see what you create with it. I'm guessing you didn't get the birthday card I sent you on the 25th either? So, I've resent it. It will be from Punchbowl when you are scanning through the list and the title will probably be something like 'Lisa Decosse has sent you a card from Punchbowl'. Oooh! Before I forget, thanks so much for the freebie. It's adorable. Hope you and your family are having a great weekend.
Big Hugs, Lisa
Gail said…
Amen to your message Naomi - have a wonderful week walking with Jesus - and thank you for the beautiful freebie too!
Sherrie K. said…
Well said, my friend! Your digi is adorable:) I hope your having a great Sunday!

Sherrie K
Amen sista! The digi's so cute, thank you! I'll be sure to do something with him :) Hugs!
correnadotme said…
I am so glad for your post today, I have been struggling with some of these thoughts and you have helped me with the encouragement of just doing what I am able and not worrying about the rest. Yes, Jesus is the reason we have Christmas and thank you for your post. Have a blessed day.
Creative M said…
I completely agree with you!!LOVE this post!!Love your words!!love!Love!Love!your adorable digi!!!!
I named the Teddy...Its Troy the
LOL...Isn't he the CUTEST teddy EVER!!
Have a Fabulous,Fun and blessed day.Sending my bloggie love to you,Michael & Troy (the Teddy)
Thanks so much for the freebie and your post. Amen!
Suze said…
Thank you for the freebie Naomi and the uplifting message too.
Hey Naomi, thanks for stopping by. You didn't get the second link to the card I sent you just yesterday from punchbowl? Hmmm. I've sent it off once again and hopefully you'll get it this time. Maybe three times is the charm eh? Thanks so much for letting me know that the image opened up the right size and for the tip about web devices if others have problems. Inkscape only allows me to save into png. If I have to convert to jpg then I open it up and save it in a picture viewer program called xnview. Have a great day my dear!

Silverbutterfly said…
Thanks for your cute digi. When you get to be my age {76} you just do want you can and not worry about the rest.

Kim said…
Beautiful message! Darling Digi. I follow you via email. Jesus is the Reason for the season. I am thrilled you mention it. I sometimes feel odd or wrong when I put the bible verses on my crafting blog but I want to share it with others, the most wonderful gift in the world.
Ardilla said…
Thank you, this is so cute...
Sandie Edwards said…
You are a blessing.... we all need to hear those words and be reminded... :-)
Naomi dear relative - cousin, aunt.... distant something or rather (maybe I should call you Granny, though I might be older than you LOL)... I wish you and your loved ones, a special and safe Christmas - and may 2013 bring dreams to reality, no matter how big or small...
Sandie xx
Hey Nay! Me again. This is only my third comment here on the same post. Just popped over to check in for the week. Hope you are doing well.

hoptownracer1 said…
Thank you! Loved your message in your post! Thank you for the adorable teddy present digi! Hope you have a blessed and happy Christmas! :)

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