September 21, 2013

Final Mega Monkey Mania Saturday Sneak Peek

Is it Saturday already?  Really?  I truly am thinking these monkeys have been playing around in my brain's memory centres because this is getting ridiculous.  Three out of six Saturday sneak peeks with the Manchesters have been late for one reason or another.  So, I know those cheeky little monkeys are messing with me, they must be!

I hope your Saturday is going well and you haven't forgotten anything important!  It is LISA HERE with the FINAL Saturday sneak peek for Mega Monkey Mania.  So let's have a lookee, shall we...

Once again, I have one simple question for you.  Can anyone guess what Mortimer and his mom Marcella are up to in this image?  Offer up your guesses by Monday at 12:00 noon EST in a comment on this post to be eligible.

 there is still time to sign up for your chance to win Naomi's latest new release:  The Manchester Family!  Click HERE to find out how.
Enjoy the remainder of your weekend my dears!  See you all on Tuesday for the reveal!

September 20, 2013

Michael's Surgery is Today/You Rock Bestie


This is a scheduled post for today is the day  Michael is having surgery and I bet I will be doing  a little pacing and fiddling with my fingers, I will be on as soon as I can to let you all know how he did.

It turns out that Troy couldn't make the trip but Kelly (Terrifically Talented Theresa's mom, my bestie jumped at the suggestion) I am so blessed to have such awesome friends in my life.
I thought it would be nice to have a card hanging around for that day when you want to tell your bestie she rocks so I got creative and made my own background out of Tim Holz Inks and stamps from Fresh Squeezed stamps.
I had this chip board butterfly for some time now , I actually have lots of them and never know how to put them to use. I inked this butterfly with a medium and covered in white embossing powder, I then melted it using my heat gun, I always love watching the magical conversion.

 I guess you know this card is for Kelly for not hesitating in the least to make a 5 to 6 day trip with me as we embark upon a journey that will be filled with continuous positive thoughts so my angel will come through the surgery with flyin colors and have a speedy healing.  Thank you all for your prayers and positive thoughts , you all rock too!

I used twine from "The Twinery" , I cut in strips and carefully lined them up... the background stamped lines  helped me keep it straight.

Have a great day!!

September 19, 2013

Bit by the Bug Beginnings: Another Bug is Born

Welcome to...

Hello everyone LISA HERE with today's post!  There are just two images left in Mega Monkey Mania and today we reveal the final new release of the bunch.  Let me introduce you all to the complete Manchester bunch:

The Manchester Family

  The Manchester Family will be available in the store for purchase as soon as Naomi gets back home and settled from her trip to Halifax and dealing with Michael's surgery.  The big day is tomorrow, so let's send her and Michael a little extra love and some positive thoughts, shall we!

For the last four weeks we have gone on a walk through sock monkey history from the very beginning to the present day in both the States and Canada.  It is amazing the popularity that this little guy has garnered.  Today we are going to see how this toy continues to be celebrated.

Given that Rockford Illinois was effectively the birth place of the traditional red heeled sock monkey, it only makes sense that they continue to honour this unique toy and its place in history.  Not only does the Midway Willage Museum in Rockford house an exhibit containing a diverse and unique collection of sock monkeys, they also started a Sock Monkey Madness Festival that has been held every March since 2005.

Sock monkey fans get the opportunity to check out in person the history of both the Nelson red heel work socks and the monkeys from an industrial, legal, and creative perspective.  However, it isn't all about knowledge, there is play time too.  Can you imagine lining up to engage in a round of Sock Monkey Bowling or Plush Primate Parachuting?  Sounds like fun to me.  There is also a 'Best in Show' where people bring their own monkeys to the festival to be judged.  In past festivals they have had an Elvis look-a-like Sock Monkey and a Jack Sparrow Sock Monkey, complete with dreadlocks, for this unique contest.  There is also a Sockford General Hospital, where worn out monkeys can go to be nursed back to health by volunteers dressed in hospital garb.  If you are there to add a monkey or two to your collection, never fear--peddlers sell their wares and whether you want tradtional or bright colors the one thing you can be sure of is that these unique examples of folk art are made with love.

So, if any of you live or are ever in the area of Rockford Illinois during the time of the festival, you should take the time to check it out.  I'm sure it is more fun than a barrel of monkeys!

Let's take a look and see what Suze from Craftysuze came up with to show off the Manchester Family...

Adorable looking family, aren't they?  And how perfect is that sentiment that Suze found to pair up with the image.  It is almost like they were made for each other!  Thanks Suze for your awesome card this week!

Sneak peek guesses...
  This week, I had one simple question for you:  Other than the obvious reason that M is the first letter in monkey, can anyone guess as to another reason why I chose to start the name of every monkey in the Manchester family with the letter 'M'?   

Well, the common answer was that I had named the monkeys after Naomi's son Michael. That would have been one direction I could have taken when naming these adorable little creatures but it wasn't the route I took.  Have any of you noticed that on the nose area of all but Malia, there is a mark that looks like it could be an M?  I've highlighted it below...

Yup, that is why the monkeys' names start with M.  I'm really surprised that no one figured it out to be honest.  Looks like I get a little creative break this week from having to make extra goodies. 

Now, it is your chance to win a copy of this fabulous family...
It is time once again to try and give away a few copies of this sweet new release.  To be eligible, just leave me a comment letting me know if you could be a sock monkey, what would you look like?  This should be interesting!  I hope that you will play along for your opportunity to win The Manchester Family, an image that would be suitable for so many different kinds of cards and would definitely bring a smile to the recipient.  So, what is stopping you from entering?!  Leave the answer to the above question in a comment ON THIS POST by noon on October 2nd, in order to have your chance at winning this image.

Winners will be announced on October 3rd, when it will be time for the next new release!!!!

Which brings me to the winners of the last new release.  To be eligible to win a copy of the last new release. Manfred, I had asked you to leave me a comment letting me know which fact you have found most interesting from the last three weeks of the sock monkey history lessons.  Well, only two people participated last time and because they both took the time to tell me what they enjoyed, I am making Manfred available to both of them.  So, that means that the following individuals walk away with a copy of Manfred...

Fit Kitty
Winners, please contact me by clicking HERE with the subject heading 'Image Win:  Manfred' to get your copy of Naomi's sweet image from the last release.  Please note that it might take me a few days to get back to you though, so I appreciate your patience.

Just two monkey jokes left!  I know you'll miss them when they are gone.  Here is the one for this week:

 Q:  Where do chimps get their gossip?
A:  On the ape vine!
Please come back and visit with me on Saturday when it is time to show our last peek into this special collection of monkeys. 
 Until Saturday, have a fantastic couple days and good luck everyone!

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September 16, 2013

Just because -Siloutte card

I have this post Scheduled for I am a very busy bee this week getting the final touches done such as getting the ramp on the deck and picking plan B for hotels , packing lots of PJ's and such.
Today I am showing you a siloutte card I made, I got a free kit from Paper Made Bakery with so many goodies , sadly they are not making anymore kits and this was a thankyou gift for being a loyal subscriber. I will miss them something fierce...does anyone know of any other kits I can subscribe to??

I made a dozen or more little flowers with my wee wee flower punches and tediously glued them in I attached them to the bottom of her skirt and placed some on top of the banner, I also added 3d punched butterflies... they are so small you will have to enlarge the picture to see all the detail. I added liquid pearl to the center of each flower and inked around the butterflies with black distress ink from Tim Holtz.

I added stickles from Tim Holtz to give more definition to her danty shoes...
 do you see she is holding the punched butterfly!
The lace is from Wild Orchid Crafts
Have a fantastic day and keep the good vibes coming our way!

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