September 29, 2012


Hi! Thanks for visiting today!

If you are here for the "Support Call, Michael's Surgery" and you would like to brighten this little boys face by sending a get well card , go here!

Are you all thinking of getting ready for Halloween? I know some of you have been going rampant making decorations and for the first time I understand why you start so soon!  I had no idea it would take so much time, Seriously!!!

I am doing a project, (can't say what it is, hehe) and it feels like it is taking forever and I can't wait for it to be done to show you!!! Eeeek! There are a least 200 steps in this project I'm sure!!
But back to Today's project!

I made a Halloween card for a friend of mine who loves the black and white combo.
  Products used: 
  • Flourish cat wooden stamp
  • Tree die cut ( Happy Hauntings Cricut Cartridge)
  • Spooky wooden stamp
  • Tim Holtz Visual Artistry Collection stamps (Stampers Anonymous, hehe!!)
  • Black and white cardstock
  • StazOn Jet Black Ink



    Also I would love to show you the back of my card , I am so happy to have learned this from Christina over at FlowersRibbonsAnd Pearls I used to use a stamp " Made by" and then just write my personal information but this looks so much more professional !!  How do you add your personal info to your cards??


    September 27, 2012

    Personal Support Call ( Michael's Surgery)

    Hello and thank you for visiting today!

    If you have been following my blog you would have come to know a little about my amazing son Michael. 

    This post is to request help from all card makers even if you are here for the first time.

    Michael is an amazing strong boy who deals with life by the moment and he touches each and every soul he encounters with his bright smile, his inquisitive nature and the love he shares so freely. Michael sees our world differently than we do as he was diagnosed with Autism at the age of three. I am preparing Michael for the upcoming experience the best I know how.

    Michael is due to have surgery on both feet this fall. He's had problems with his hips and feet since birth as we were told he would never walk. It was difficult to put a diaper on Michael when he was an infant because his hips wouldn't spread wide enough.

     When Michael was about 6 months I pushed his hips apart a little too much which made Michael laugh! I did this everytime I changed him not knowing how much it would help him. The next visit  with his Doctor was very emotional as I left with a small pinch of pride and high hopes that Michael will walk!!!! I continued the new ritual of course but we still had his feet to deal with.
    I worked on Michael's feet everyday for a year,  they were both turned 90 degrees to the right, this was quite a challenge but they did straighten... not all the way but Michael did learn to walk!!!!

    Children with autism often walk on their tip-toes, walking on toes reduces overstimulation in the feet that can occur as a result of walking on the entire foot.
    It  may also be a learned habit  or may relate to motor coordination challenges, a tight Achilles tendon, or a sensory processing difference, all these reasons fit Michael.

    The surgery will consist of extending both of his Achilles tendons in both feet, he will be hospitalized for approx. 3 days off Island and will have walking casts on both feet.

    Michael as other children with autism establish a routine daily so this in it's self will be a big change and challenge for Michael as he will be laid up a month trying to understand why his little feet are so heavy and why he can't do the things he wants without mommy's help.

    So I am asking all of my friends and whoever would like to commit to sending Michael a card to make one small part of his day a routine and to show him how much people are wishing him well. Michael loves the cards I make and he takes in every detail so I know this will really brighten his day.

    I don't have the surgery date yet as we are going for a consultation on Oct. 24th, I am guessing it is in Novemeber where they gave it a 4 month margin. I will keep you up on the details...all I need right now is your committment.

    Who would like to help brighten Michael's day and mine as we take on this experience that life has given us??!!!

    I am truly counting on you.

    September 26, 2012


    Good morning and thank you for visiting today!

    I made a Halloween banner for the Pin and Tack (spark your creativity challenge) which you will see very soon but today I am showing you a card I made from a negative from the "Pumpkin Carvings" cartridge , the fantastic cartridge  used to make this banner!

    Products used:

    • Orange/ Green burlap
    • White/black/orange cardstock
    • Doiley painted white (acrylic paint)
    • White embossing powder
    • More Spooking sayings by CardzTV
    • Dimensional Fabric Paint (for the eyes in the haunted house)
    • Spellbinders Halloween fence,scenes and shapes

    Have a fantastic day!!

    September 25, 2012

    Blogger is not uploading pictures

    Hello all,

    Sadly I cannot put up today's post due to Blogger Issues... it is not allowing me to post pictures, is anyone else having this issue and if so, is it something we can fix??

    Have a great day... gotta get this figured out!

    September 23, 2012

    Lordy Lordy Look who's Forty!!!!!!

    Hello!!! Thank you for visiting my blog today!  For those of you who have been following and have seen the entries of Terrifically Talented Theresa , here is the beautiful face behind the creativity...
    Theresa is the daughter of the friend that is not going to kill me...


     On Friday I tested the limits of our friendship in trying to ensure my friend Kelly's 40th birthday was fabulous. I tried to embarrass the face off her by trying to have it announced on any bill board on Main Street but failed miserably... that might have saved my friendship, hehe! So I had Kelly and her family come for a BBQ and cake which I decorated with my cricut and my new found quilling skills...  I used the Beaver from the  "Birthday Bash" cartridge. 
      I treated with her with a homemade card along with a personalized party hat and inside joke gag gift.

    I am entering this hat into the Decorate to Celebrate challenge!!!   Come play along!!!!  Go Here 

    Here is Michael and I with Kelly and her offspring.. Patrick, Raymond and Theresa

    Theresa and Kelly
    Myself, Kelly and Theresa.. and oh yeah , Ray's rhythmic interlude in the background.
    Friends are what make like fun.  P.S. She still loves me!

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