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Scrapbooking Origami Envelope

Origami Envelope!! Today a fellow blogger friend Melissa over at “ had posted a blog a little while back where she made this beautiful clever easel card and needed the right type of envelope so I jumped at the opportunity to show you all how I make an origami envelope.Seeing both Melissa and I are not big on measurements this envelope is a winner, I am sure you will agree. For you Melissa!

I have decided to both write and take pictures of directions for those of you who may be visual which would make perfect sense seeing we are creators!
Take a piece of 12”by 12” paper

Turn it over on the white side and make a diamond shape

Fold one corner to the opposite corner, crease,then unfold.

Take both corners on each side and place the tip at the center fold approximately where I have it positioned in the picture below then crease.

Do the other side and it should look like this
Fold up the bottom corner and crease it so that it looks like this:

The ne…

Modern Vintage flowers

I love vintage!! Last night I wanted to create a vintage flower for a modern card but was uncertain how I would do this. I started out using gesso to mute the colors of each flower that I cut out (don't have a flower cricut cartridge yet) and planned to use Tim Holtz's distressing inks to age them but soon decided that was not the way I wanted to go. The Gesso did end up serving a purpose by strengthening the flower and I needed less paint so I am happy I started out this way and will certainly be doing it again for many projects in the future.

What I did do was add black acrylic paint and Simply Screen printing paint by "PLAID"in these colors:
Blue Lagoon
Sugar Plum
Pond Scum 
I was amazed how well the paint went on and gave the credit to Gesso!!! ( my new found love)

Next I added Super Sparkly Big and Glitzy Glitter Glue..( that could be a tongue twister) on top of the dried paint and finally I added a vintage button that many of you may find in an old basket or bin at …