December 15, 2011

Christmas cupcake tip!

 Okay, so every year I make cupcakes for Christmas but there's always one problem... how not to destroy them when covering them with Saran Wrap?? 

 Every other year we would just use square tubs with a cover but that doesn't help when you want them to be on display in your fridge... lol..oh yes , even my fridge has to be all decked out.

So this year I happened to stumble upon the cutest little christmas olive picks (I think that is what they are) at Bi-Rite for $1.25!!!! They not only made my cupcakes look sweeter, I can now wrap the whole tray with Saran Wrap!! YEAHHHHH!!!

Maybe this has been figured out for a while but I just clued in, lol

December 14, 2011

Christmas Hair!

Today I thought I would show you a video of the most precious thing in my life , my youngest boy Michael....
Seeing we are all getting to know each other I thought I would get a little personal and show you a video taken this morning here at my home in Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Well it is Crazy Hair Day at school and Michael is delighted with his new hair do... Michael is eight years old with the biggest heart and the most lovable little guy you could ever meet.. Michael is on the Autism Spectrum but sits in a regular class.. he is doing unbelievably awesome!

I hope you enjoy the little but big piece of my life!

Merry Christmas!!!!!

Just give the video a minute to load, it does work, lol

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