May 9, 2012

Altered Pop Tart Box

Welcome back!
 I am really excited to show you my Pop Tart altered box which is going to hold my "Note Card Set" that I am making for my mom!
  • The inside will be compartmentalized to hold separate sets of cards.
  • Each compartment will have a filing system and tabs to show what type of card is in the folder such as Birthday, Sympathy, etc...

 (Sorry about the photos!!) I was having a problem with the settings on my camera!! So dull I know!

eeeeek!!!!  awesome hey!!!! My friend was at an acrylic factory and got a huge piece of acrylic..he then cut them up different sized and now I have a whole box!!!! The middle one I bought for $2.00 a long time ago, it is quite worn but serves the purpose here. All I did was use a template, place it over foam , pencil in, cut and glue to acrylic block! Easy Peasy right?


May 8, 2012

Just Know I am here for you

Happy Tuesday, Thanks for visiting today!

Today I am showing you a card with a top fold, this card is also part of the set I have been working on. I made a big boo boo making this card but you know what? If it weren't for the mistake I wouldn't have the extra door on the front, I love it and will be making more.
Stamping and Embossing can be tricky sometimes, I never pressed hard enough when placing my sentiment stamp therefore the end result left an "OH NO!" expression on my face. Instead of giving up I thought to add another piece over top and restamp and emboss the decor circle and add a order to keep it closed I used a small piece of Velcro. I love this card!

Have a great day!

May 7, 2012

Card made from Stamping and Embossing

Good morning! I hope you all had a terrific weekend, I got my sewing machine out and made another plush toy for Michael, I didn't do a great job but he slept with it so the judgement was  coming only from my end, we had fun! We also picked a load of seaglass at the beach below my house, the weather was fantastic!

Today I want to show you a card that has mostly stamping and embossing techniques, it is simple yet beautiful.. I love it and will be making a couple more to go with the set I posted about last week, hence very little dimension.

I have stamped images before but never have I made a card that is mainly stamping and I hope to get much better... now I have to invest in nature stamps!

Have a great day!

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