October 27, 2012

Giving Thanks

(This is my second post today)
Click here for an Update on Michael's Surgery

Hello !!!

The challenge this week over at HIMCR is #69 - Mix It Up!: Thankful or Thanksgiving
themed - use Naomi's digi stamp Giving Thanks (praying girl)
I am so excited that many of the team members has taken on a new adventure doing a digital for the first time! Be sure to hop on over  and spread your bloggy love and encouragement.
As you know I design digitals but I don't have a knack for coloring yet , I am going to have to commit to learning especially when I can learn from the best! Christina over at Flowers Ribbons and Pearls has put a whole coloring series using Spectrum Noir Pens,
 I have already watched the videos and they are amazing! Christina breaks down every step and is so easy to understand.
I also had the pleasure sitting with Christina at my table watching and copying what she was doing, that was the best digital I ever colored....Christina , I need you to leave the Uk again and come back to PEI Canada!!! (Well I would push it but Christina just came off a 2 week Mediterranean Cruise)
Here is my project..I scooped up some leaves as we visited Troy's parent's place... I love red leaves!!! I used normal coloring pencils for this digital...
I know if Christina were here she would tell me she was going to smack my leg, hahahaha   ohhh the memories.

Click here for an intro to the Coloring Series by Christina!
Have a super day!

Update on Michael's Surgery and Christmas Card


First of all I am so happy to say I am at my best! Totally symptom free and energized. Thank you all for your support and prayers.

Michael's Update:
 As you know Michael's surgery was scheduled for November but there has been a big change. After the Doctor had looked at Michael's x-rays there is more going on that has yet to be investigated.

They will do a sedated MRI to check his spine because one foot is showing 20 years worth of damage as well as his leg. They suspect it is to do with the communication from the spine to the brain to the feet... it was the same with his bowel.

The doctor also noted that Michael has a very high threshold for pain as this kind of damage rarely goes on without complaints. Michael doesn't  complain but I have seen him struggle to walk if he were on his feet too long at school, especially after Gym class.

The Sedated MRI unfortunately is a ways off , the doctor said there was an 8 month wait but it could be sooner. I will be keeping all of Michael's cards that were sent for that time... (I can't help but want to look as you could imagine! but I won't, hehe)You are all like family to me , it is an amazing feeling to go through this knowing you were all praying and thinking of us!! You will never know how much it means to me.. seriously, it runs deep.

Today I want to show you a simple Christmas card I made, I am doing a whole collection of simple ones which I will show the rest of this week.

 Most of this card was made from stamping, even the flowers! (I stamped flowers on red metallic paper using black stazon ink, fussy cut them , then layered them adding a sparkly green jewel in the center of the top flower.)
I also added a green jewel to the middle of the word joy and the mini chevron image was embossed


Also I will be showing pictures of our trip to Halifax!!! We did so well for being so exausted and managed to have many laughs.. what I really liked was I had a peace deep down inside considering the circumstances...I am sooo grateful. Here are some pictures of our trip:  

It was dark when we got on the boat, we got to watch the sun rise!

Michael being silly... he has a facination with gloves!!!! We once bought him a Mickey plush and he wanted to take the gloves off, hahahaha..( that didn't go over well, lol )

Hospital playground

A park we found in Halifax, It was awesome!

View from Hospital , level 5.5 parking



I told him he was a silly goofer guts and he started laughing and made me repeat it 8 times, lol


 Have a fantastic day!

October 24, 2012

Scalloped Circle Winter Card

Free snowman (night scene) digital here

Hello!!!  Hope I scheduled this post right!!

Today is the day! We are on our way to Halifax with Michael and all my questions will be answered today such as:
  • How long will Michael have to stay in the Hospital
  • What is the date of his surgery
  • How heavy are the cast, (taking dilation into consideration).For those of you don't know Michael was born with an imperforated anus which means he had no opening to his bowel, he was born on Canada Day and had surgery on Independace day to try and correct this..they had to extend his bowel along with creating an opening.. Michael needs my help to this day expelling contents of his bowel..in other words I disimpact him. Soo! How do I do this when he has two casts on? 
  • How will we get Michael back to the Island, he  can't sit  in a car for that long and he can't sit in the car while on the boat.
  • How long is healing time, will it hurt, will he have to have therapy to learn to walk?  on and on and on.... I have so many questions.
I know they will all be answered and I am not stressing about it , just getting organized.
I believe we can always deal with anything in this very moment, it is when our mind takes us to the future or the past that we add fear or all else that goes with it. (Think about that and see for yourself!)

Today I am excited to show you my scalloped shaped card!! I used the scallop tag from Birthday bash.
 I used action wobbles for the reindeer, my very first time using them and I have to say, I am in love!!!! hehe!
I embossed the snowflakes on  the blue background and added stickles to make it sparkle!


EEEEEEK!!! See him wobble!!!!

Have a fantastic day and I will let you know all about our trip and how Michael got along, remember it is only the consultation.

October 23, 2012

Treat Box

Free Snowman (night scene) here

Hello and thanks for visiting today!

 One more day  Michael, myself and Troy will be on the boat leaving PEI to head to Halifax to meet with Michael's Surgeon... Are you wondering who Troy is??  He's an angel sent to earth for Michael and I... (I believe)  Troy and I have been living together for 2 years , we are best friends and he is my life support, I love him with all my heart and soul. He couldn't be closer to Michael if he was his own son and I am always grateful to have him in my life. Michael is anxious about going on this trip so I kept him home from school, I am sure the teachers would understand. I need your prayers for fever has raised it's ugly head again and I am taking the symptoms with me.. it has to be done right!  As Michael says, (" We can be sick but still be happy right mommy?) My answer is always  " ABSOLUTELY!!!" , he smiles every time. I believe everything is for a reason and I believe God will take care of me what ever the situation.
  • Today I am sharing a treat box that I made ! I got the treat box at Walmart and used plain white tissue stamped with Halloween kisses which I got from Jaded Blossoms.  

  •  I also used Foil tape sheets to use behind the pumpkins face to make it shine... ( Foil tape sheets by Ranger)

  • I used the Halloween Kisses stamps to stamp on the white tissue and I also stamped on colored cardstock and punched them out and adhered them to the bottom of hersey's kisses, mmmmmmm!!!!
I know I could have done more but this was all I had time for...I will be adding ribbon and a tag for sure!

Have a great day!

October 22, 2012

Painted Pumpkins

Go here for the Free snowman (night scene) digital

Hello !!!

Today I am dropping in to show you a couple of painted pumpkins I did...Michael really enjoyed watching me do it. I asked Michael what kind of teeth I should paint on and he said Vampire teeth.. so I made cute ones... he didn't mind . We have much more decorating to do before Halloween, my deck will be full... I love Halloween!!!!

Have a great day!

October 21, 2012

Free Snowman (Night scene)

Sorry this digital has been removed, you can buy this digital in my online store (Creative Bug Digital's) for just $1.00!!
Click here to visit my store
Hello my crafty friends,

First I want to thank you all for your wonderful support and prayers... I am feeling better than I have and hoping it is the end of it... I need to get perfectly well for I am leaving the province next week to take Michael to the IWK to meet with his surgeon...  ( Just a consultation)

I am so excited to show you my new digital... I think the fever brought out the best in me , hahahaha.. this guy is one of my favorites so far... does anyone have a cute name for him??


Have a terrific day! If you think you can't, your're right.... Henry Ford

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