December 31, 2012

So happy to be back! / Today belongs to you Card

I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and is still enjoying getting out and visiting your friends and family, our Christmas was amazing and still is although my waist is not happy with me, hehe!

 I want to thank all of you for such wonderful support and comments about the accident my sister and I were in, We are feeling soooooo much better and reading your comments really help lift my spirits and Norma's...just knowing you took your time to read bad news especially during Christmas!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I still have a very sore back  and will be only doing what I can in moderation and I am off to a great start!!! I love this card... It has to be one of my favorites of mine to date.

Click on image to see the sparkly details!

For the background I used a small grill, I placed it on an angle and stamped with Tim Holtz black distress ink.
The red polka dot background was fabric that covered a bottle of cranberry sauce, let me tell you that bottle was decked out and it was delicious, the cranberry sauce that is, lol

I got these photo slides and the butterfly from Kelly (Theresa's mom!) for Christmas along with  many other awesome scrap items I can't wait to try, eeek!

The pure life button came with a stamp set I ordered from Jaded Blossoms and the arrows I doodled

If you click on the image you can see where I added silver stickles to give that extra sparkle , I really love how this turned out.

I have projects ready for all week and can't wait to show them to you and don't forget it is time for a freebie which I will give away Wednesday, I am happy to say I created a card using my own digital which is a rare occurrence but will become routine to help give you inspiration! Oh yes , getting down to business, I am so thrilled to be back.

December 17, 2012

Car Accident

Hello all my beautfiul bloggy friends!!

You will never know how nice it is for me to be able to say that... My sister and I were in a car accident  where the car flipped 2 and a half times doing 70 km.... we came out with NO broken bones or any major injuries ...
 We were in shock the first couple of days  and realizing Troy's car is totally smashed and rode off , we are shocked that we are alive!!!!  We could never be so grateful as what we are, it is so beautiful to be alive and in great shape with that!

I was driving on a straight patch of road when the wheels on the back started sliding to the right which turned us sideways  ( black ice )  There was no warning whatsoever!!  We flipped over the edge of the road down into a ditch.. I remember a peace that came over me and I  never felt so calm in my life... I said " Norma , we are going to be ok"  three times.... even as I was upside down in the car in mid flip I said the same thing and honestly I had absolutely no fear whatsoever... could it be because it was so fast? Maybe but I believe we had angels with us because the fireman crew couldn't believe we were not hurt badly. 

There were about 40 people on the street within minutes and we are on a highway at nighttime! Amazing... I was trapped in the car took them 45 minutes to get me out.... My side of the car was facing the ground, I will never know how Norma got the seatbelt off and got out..she is so strong, she had to pull herself straight up getting out of a broken window.

 On the outside Norma paniced thinking the car was going to catch fire and tried to get back in to get me but couldn't jump high enough to latch on to the opened window.. I heard men there right away protecting Norma and telling her not to get back in..
  All windows but the back were smashed, 3/4 of the front windshield was gone with only a corner on my side still sitting there..they had to smash it as well to put my feet out through so I could be more comfortable and they had to straighten me in order to get me out. I was taken out through the trunk on that hard white flat board.

 They were all so nice and did everything from keeping me warm and talking to keep me from going to one point I thought I was home in my bed and decided to drift off to sleep until I heard "Naomi, keep your eyes open"    I actually thought it was funny and laughed...  I couldn't get over the fact  I thought I was in my bed!
 That's it in a nutshell.... Yes we have black brusies, we were dizzy , but we sit together every day simply amazed that here we are!!!!  What'a a bruise Norma would say. mockingly and sarcastically... she is so funny.....

...we laughed , we cried, we sat in a state of not being able to say anything at all.... this was one experience we will never forget , we will also never forget how grateful we are.  Phew! This is my first time writing about it... it did raise a little emotion but hey? I am here right! 

Now with saying all of that, I love all of you, I am overwhelmingly grateful for each and every one of you...I really mean that.

Cherish every moment my friends for it really could be your last.

December 9, 2012

Freebie "Presents and Teddy Bear"

Sorry this digital is no longer available however you can buy any digital of mine for just a dollar at !!!  Check back weekly for a free digital!

I hope you are all doing well and relaxed at the same time preparing for Christmas!! There were things I couldn't get done but I am OK with that.
Life presents challenges at times we don't expect , there is no specific date and many of you are facing those challenges as I write this so to worry about not getting cards complete or a gift sent  would be only adding to the stress.
I would love for all of you to be the watcher of your thoughts as you prepare for Christmas , don't judge your thoughts in any way or resist them, just watch and be aware.
Are you giving a gift or card out pure love?
because that person is buying you a gift and you don't want to be judged?
Lets try and make this Christmas the way it is meant to be:
Celebrate the birth of the world's greatest example "Jesus Christ" by giving with all your heart and doing only what you are able to do physically and financially. 
Now that I found my shovel and dug myself out I have a free Christmas digital for you!!!! Enjoy!!

Merry Christmas!!!!!!

December 8, 2012

#75 SSS Challenge (HIMCR)


We are back this week with HIMCR with another challenge for you!!! I realize a lot of you are really busy considering it's Christmas but I hope you have time to play along!

So this weeks challenge is to use up all those scraps you have , I had so many Christmas Scraps from making so many cards this year I came up with this!

Come link up with us!!HIMCR

December 5, 2012

Merry Merry!!!

Hi Everyone!
 It is nice to be able to have the time to show you a male card and envelope I made for an order seeing Michael and I were up before the crows this morning...(What time do they wake? lol) If you know me well you know that male cards are my biggest bling , no ribbon , no flowers!!!  lol 
I used Winter Frolic Cicut Cartridge for the snowman
and  Microbeads on the sentiment, I love this guy , he is so cute

Update on Michael:Michael is still battling hives and we are off to the Doctor today seeing Benadryl is only keeping the hives away for a couple of hours...   He was only out of bed around 2 min's when I took this picture, lol  He is so happy waking up and nothing bothers him...he never complained once in 5 days with these miserable hives... I always learn so much from Michael. 
 I keep checking Michael to see if he has hives on a regular basis as you would guess ... this time I went as he was playing his 3DS and asked him if he has any hives...He said No mommy.... I am starting to wonder if he even feels them!

I took this picture when the hives went down, this one went straight across his upper back as you can see by the lines.

Thank you for all your prayers and support! I love everyone of you !!!
Look at what is in any moment and let it be, accept it...find beauty where you can to give your mind a break when you get caught up in a problem or situation, we create our next moment, hugs

December 3, 2012

Dropping in to say hi!

Good Morning my awesome friends,

I dropped in today to say hi and to let you all know I miss you all !!! Before I let you know what is happening let me just say in spite of it all we are quite happy and really enjoying the start of the Christmas season.

Michael has been out of school for over a week with a cold, I thought he would be able to go back today but 2 days ago when we got back from the Santa Parade, Michael had hives the size of the palm of your hand all over his face and back... the hives seem to be playing checkers on his little body as they go and come out in a new place. The good thing is it is not effecting his sleep .

Also a dear friend of ours and the community passed away last Wednesday, a very beatuiful soul who loved to sing, would do anything for anybody, he was at every benefit or function to either MC or sing.. he will surely be missed by so many..

I have a few orders still left to complete due to all that is going on but trust me when I say we are really doing super great!!!!

Lots of love

November 26, 2012

Free Christmas Digital (Girl sitting under Christmas tree)

Happy Monday!!

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend, As most of you know I celebrated my 39th birthday with my twin sister yesterday and wow! I can't believe I am saying this but I can wait a few days before I go for chocolate again..  hehe , just a few!

We spent the evening together putting up and decorating my tree!!!!! Michael was estastic as you would guess... the magical sound of Michael and Norma singing a Christmas song at the top of their lungs in my very small living room ignited the Christmas spirit within me and would have anyone! That certainly was a memory I will store away safely and bring back out when I need cheering up, lol

Today I have a free digital for you!!!!!!  I got my new tablet and was astonsihed that it had a touch feature on it.. technology blows my mind.

Enjoy, what you want with it ... put it on a card and sell it.. (just don't claim you designed the image).
 *Note: (Click on image for a blur-free image)
Sorry this digital has been removed, you can buy this digital in my online store (Creative Bug Digital's) for just $1.00!!
Click here to visit my store
Have a great day!!

November 24, 2012

HIMCR Challenge # 73 Christmas Themed


We are back for another weekly challenge at HIMCR!!  This week is is Christmas Themed, don't forget to link up your beautiful creations and check out all the wonderful inspiration from the HIMCR Design Team members !! Link up here!

I had this challenge prepared 2 weeks ago and this card is for a very special little girl in my life.

A note to all my blogger friends: You must think I have dropped off the face of the planet but I assure you I am here, lol.. I have been on overload with orders for Christmas and family life and still dealing with health issues, I miss all of you something fierce and can't wait for things to slow down so things can get back to normal... Just know that I miss all of you. Hugs

November 20, 2012

Tuquoise/Red Christmas Card

Hello my awesome friends,

I am quickly dropping in to show you a  Christmas card I made ,  I haven't been crafting a lot lately for time is not on my side. I did have a wonderful chicken dinner at my sisters house last night... if you know me you know I don't get out much...that is changing my friends and right away..tonight my twin sister and I and our friends our heading to the Charlettown theatres to watch TWILIGHT BREAKING DAWN 2 to celebrate our birthday coming up on the 25th!  I am so excited!

I also want to thank all you for your wonderful support on my blog even when I am slack, know I always appreciate you.

This picture doesn't do this card any real life it is so much more beautiful.
Don't you just love the sentiment!!!! Too bad Crafty Sprouts is not selling anymore, they were so awesome.


Have a terrific day!!!
P.S. I just started selling Avon, unfortuanately I can only ship in Canada, I have gone Cyber with it so if you are interested in looking at an e-brochure (Avon book) just leave a comment below and I will email it to you!!! Thanks

November 19, 2012

Tick Tock

Happy Monday!!!

I hope you all had a great weekend! I spent time with my twin sister and friends and played board games.. so much fun!

Today I am showing you a clock that I made, it was orginally a child's clock with robots on it , I put my stencil to use (finally!) and did this!!

What I used:
  • Premade clock on a canvas
  • Gold embossing powder
  • Black stazon Ink
  • Stencil
  • Brown paint
  • Brown distress Ink
  • Fairy stamps
  • Wooden block stamp (floral)
  • Spectrum Noir Pen (black) to color pearls
Have a great day!!!

November 17, 2012

HIMCR Blog Hop!

Welcome to Hiding in My Craft Room Glitz & Glam
Challenge Blog Hop!!!  
 (Still a challenge so don't forget to link up all your wonderful creations!!)

This weeks challenge is sponsored by The Scrapbook Stamp Society  (Awwwwesome store!)
*The winner will get to choose 3 stamps out of the 5 used by the design team!*

Meet Kate La by  Adriane Mascotti

If you happened upon my blog and would like to participate in this super fun hop, scoot on over to Laurie's from Hiding in my Craft Room to begin, (be sure to comment on all of the design team members blog to be eligible for the prize!)
 If you came from Stampin with Kim's blog you are in the right place and you have completed the hop, Congrats!
An'Jenic from AJ Scrapbooking & Cards
Jennie from Jenscrapstoo
Jessica from Craftin' and Stampin'
Angela from Angela's Crafty Spot
Amber from Momma Scraps
Melissa from My Watermelon Moon
Robin from Create-a-latte
                                           Naomi from Creative Bug on the Loose <*******YOU ARE HERE
Congrats you finished the hop!!! 

Be sure and check out the DT blogs, leaving a comment on each of their blogs then go back to Laurie's (HIMCR) and leave a comment that you did it to get entered.
(we will have two winners one from the challenge entries and one from the comments)

Now you know I just couldn't let you leave without giving away a little something... to thank you for participating I am giving you one of my latest digitals, also one lucky winner will get to pick 2 digitals of any choice from my online store .
 right click/ save picture as:
How to win
Tell me what you like most about Christmas?
Winners will be choosen by Google Number Generator, Good Luck!
Don't forget to go back and tell Laurie that you commented on all the DT's blogs for a chance to win!!!
Go  here


November 15, 2012

A Quick Note

Good morning my friends,
I dropped in to let you know I am not at my best right now , sorry I haven't been by your blogs... I plan on visiting later today.
Have a terrific day!

November 13, 2012

Christmas Countdown on Canvas!

I am super excited to show you a project I did over the weekend. Christmas advent Calenders usually have a hidden chocolate or treat of some kind but I didn't want to confuse Michael. I want him to learn the concept of a countdown, the treats would distract him so I made this Fun Christmas Calender countdown on canvas!!!!  Michael loves it as much as I do.
As I was visiting my super blogger friends the other day I got inspired by three of them!!!
( Kristan , Karon and Yvonne)
Kristan - cracked paint
Karon  - Advent Calender
Yvonne- using mixed mediums

 Click on the image to see details such as the crackled paint and gauze!!!

What I used:
Neutral and SandStone Crackled Paint
Guaze around edges and mixed in with Crackled Paint (Messy!)
Brown acrylic paint
Pattern snowflake paper
labeler (for the numbers)
Circle Punch
Tea Dye Ink/ Red Brick Ink
Chevron Stamp
3D popdots for Snowman
Cotton balls for snow
Rub On Transfers ( Rubbed on white paper and cut out to strengthen it as I sat it on 3D popdots.

Also I want to show you a new shelf I got!! Troy brought it home from work asking me if I could use it, (Silly question, hehe) 

I am entering this calender into D.L.ART Challenge  -Thankful Thursday

November 12, 2012

Feel the Love Project

Hello!! This is my second post today, view earlier post here
Today  I visited Funky Cards,  my heart strings were pulled when I read this written by Madison:

The "I Feel the Love Project" will be making Christmas Cards during the months of November and early December to be given to the children who will be spending the holidays at Children's Hospital Central California.
We believe that delivering hand crafted cards at a major holiday such as Christmas can promote the well being of the mind, body, and spirit of the children staying at Children's Hospital Central California for the Christmas holiday. I hope you will join us in making cards for these deserving kids. You will be go happy you did!
Madison is a God send to people in need and I along with so many of you appreciate her service and dedication , visit Madison to get all the details on how you can contribute to making a child smile on Christmas, it is very touching.
Here is the card I made: The snow man was stamped and embossed in three colors, white , red and blue, I then cut them out mix matching to make him more colorful!

I hope you join in!!!! (Visit the link above)\
Have a great evening!!

I am entering this card into Peachy Keen Stamps Challenge "Anything goes" For this challenge you must use Peachy Keen Stamps"
and Docerela Creations November Stamp Release  challenge # 25 "Christmas"

Christmas Card and A Huge "Thank You" to Sherrie!!!!


I hope everyone had a great weekend!!! I was very busy doing a very special project which I will showcase  tomorrow!!

But today I want to show you a Christmas card I made using negatives and perfect pearl

   How I did it?
  • Make card base out of Mirror card 41/4" by 5 1/2"
  • Cut white card stock 4" by 51/4"
  • Choose dies to use with Grand Calibur to cut out sections as seen in the photo..
  • Emboss with Kassie's Brocade embossing folder
  • Using a medium ink the embossed pattern being careful not to press to hard then brush on gold perfect pearls and spray with a light mist to set.
  • Adhere panel to card base
  • Decorate as you wish!  I embossed the sentiment and snowflakes with gold embossing powder, made a flower with my flower punch, added a mistletoe from a stamp that I cut out and colored and finally I added a bow using crinkled ribbon and added a homemade pin and gold heart charm.

Hello!!! Also today I want to express my thanks to Sherrie from Sherrie Scraps with Passion for making my boys day!!!!  Sherrie had sent Michael a Halloween card , gift and treat bag... as you will see by the pictures below, Michael took in every detail and enjoyed himself immensely....Thank you Sherri!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everything opened and laid out... contemplating taste of sour candy... result?, loved it!


hahaha, can you tell he doesn't like blue raspberry??  I love this pic and I am keeping it in spite of it being a little blurry.
Reading the goldfish package, his absolute favorite treat , he has them every day but was facinated to see them in such a small package..hehe!

 Have a fantastic day!!!!

FOLD OVER BOX - Video Tutorial and Written Instructions

Hello! Today I am sharing with you how to make a "Fold Over Box",  a tutorial by Liz Walker Combine gift and card in o...

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