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Freebie Sneak Peek for May 28th

Hello everyone, it is that day of the week where we whet your appetite for this week's upcoming freebie.

Naomi has been busy at the drawing board and has created a brand new image; so, let's take a peek and see what she has in store for us this week.

Can you figure it out?  Can you?  Can you?  I think I made this one way too easy.

I hope that you will join me again on Tuesday as I reveal this week's freebie.

Until then,

So glad to be back!!

Hi!! I would like to let you all know we made it home, over all the trip was very relaxing and we laughed a lot on the way home, (I will tell you about that in a little bit.) During the MRI Michael had to have intravenous, they put patches over cream on both of his hands to numb the entry site but as it turned out Michael's veins were too small and they had to put it in his hand up further which really upset him, I watched as they put the " 10 sec medicine" they called it in the IV, Michael went to sleep crying and I managed to hold it together until he was totally out.  Phew it is so hard to watch as his little eyes start rolling. When Michael woke up he had a wild reaction to the medicine, it was heart breaking to watch him flip around , screaming about wanting to go back to the MRI and totally unresponsive to any suggestion, there was no reasoning, he screamed constantly for 20 minutes.  I left the room  for a couple of minutes to breathe as I was totally overwhelmed,…

We are in Halifax!

Hello! This will be quick for I am trying to type on my Samsung Tablet, its hard to do!
WE MADE IT TO halifax safe and sound and we are all at our best, prayers answered!
We are soon heading out to go shopping, watch out Michael's here we come, Michael is saying watch out ToyR us here we come! Lol We are staying at the Days Inn , everything is so wonderful! I Will update you after Michael has his MRI tomorrow, thanks for all your support , I love you all.

Freebie - "Bobby's Bo-Bo"

Hello everyone.  It is Lisa here to provide you with this week's freebie.   Now there were only two guesses this week about what the sneak peek may reveal and I don't have a clue how she did it but Ike managed to figure out just what the image was. So, Ike please EMAIL ME with the subject "BOBBY'S BO-BO" and I'll send off a digital paper I've created.

And without further ado here he is...  

Now Bobby has been in the store for quite awhile lurking around under the name 'Hurt Toddler'.  He was tired of not receiving any attention for his hurt knee and caterwauled until I brought him out to get some loving attention from all of you wonderful ladies.  You know how terrible toddlers can be.  Anyways, now is your chance to give this little guy some love.

To get this week's freebie, just left click on the image to bring it up in its full size, then right click and choose 'save as'.

Now I was fortunate that two of Naomi's entourage had …

Baby Boy and Girl Cards using Cricut

Good Morning!!! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend, I took it easy watching movies and went to my sister's place for a relaxing BBQ... During the cooking stage with flames flying high and smoke as thick as factory smoke I said to Norma, " Do you think maybe we will end up ordering out?" She had two words for me, "Have faith" ... To my surprise, even as I write this everything came out totally flawless, the perfect amount of tenderness to the aspargus, potatoes, brussel sprouts and red onion and not one burn mark!!!!  The steak was melt in your mouth delicious!!! I still don't know how she did it for the evidence of the cooking process says I should have been eating ash. June 30th, here on the Island they are having a Women in Business Trade Show and I have my table claimed. I have lots of cards already done so I am well ahead, I also have my business cards designed and  bought and June 30th will be the first day I get them out. I plan on having my own l…