December 15, 2011

Christmas cupcake tip!

 Okay, so every year I make cupcakes for Christmas but there's always one problem... how not to destroy them when covering them with Saran Wrap?? 

 Every other year we would just use square tubs with a cover but that doesn't help when you want them to be on display in your fridge... lol..oh yes , even my fridge has to be all decked out.

So this year I happened to stumble upon the cutest little christmas olive picks (I think that is what they are) at Bi-Rite for $1.25!!!! They not only made my cupcakes look sweeter, I can now wrap the whole tray with Saran Wrap!! YEAHHHHH!!!

Maybe this has been figured out for a while but I just clued in, lol

December 14, 2011

Christmas Hair!

Today I thought I would show you a video of the most precious thing in my life , my youngest boy Michael....
Seeing we are all getting to know each other I thought I would get a little personal and show you a video taken this morning here at my home in Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Well it is Crazy Hair Day at school and Michael is delighted with his new hair do... Michael is eight years old with the biggest heart and the most lovable little guy you could ever meet.. Michael is on the Autism Spectrum but sits in a regular class.. he is doing unbelievably awesome!

I hope you enjoy the little but big piece of my life!

Merry Christmas!!!!!

Just give the video a minute to load, it does work, lol

December 5, 2011

Christmas shutter Card


First of all I really hope you like my new blog make over!!! I did it myself!!! First I created a banner with pictures of my flowers and cards in Photoshop , saved it as a JPEG, then simply uploaded it as a picture!!... I surprised myself!!

Well let me tell you, when I seen this card on youtube. I actually doubted myself because it looked so complicated... after a sweet self talk session, lol, I dared to take it on and low and behold it was much easier than it looked!!! I will be doing more of these for sure!!! I hope you like it!

Have a fantastic day!

December 3, 2011

Christmas Gift Box and Joy Card

Hi, today I made a gift box and card that I just had to share with you! I only started making gift boxes 3 days ago and now they are a must. I love that I can choose the depth rather it be for a card or chocolate and cards!!!

Here are a couple more!!!

Have  a fantastic day!!!

December 2, 2011

Homemade gift boxes!

I am so excited to share with you these gift boxes that I learned to make using my MS Score board! I love them and cannot make enough. I timed myself and it took 7 min's to make one minus decorating it of course and full speed ahead, lol.

I just bought a new video camera and I can wait to get a tripod for it because all I can think lately is I WANT TO MAKE VIDEO TUTORIALS!!!!!   I am hoping to start in January when everything slows down. I will have to do a little researching of the do's and don't's, the right way to upload and fun stuff like that first.
Can anyone tell me the best program to use to edit my videos?  I would really appreciate any help I can get.

OK!!! Here are the boxes! Down below I also added  a few more cards that I made... and one page mini albums that I am sending as gifts!

It's beginning to look a lot like christmas!!! (singing)

I really love this one, it was my first one, it is large enough for a 6" by 6" card

This one is my favorite, I used Tim Holtz musical Tissue tape to give it that extra umph.

I wanted to try something different so I  used my MS (Martha Stewart) edge punch just around the lid so that the base can be seen. 
I did this one large enough for my 51/2" by 51/2 " card, a few homemade chocolates and a hanging cross for my Aunt  for Christmas.... I don't think she reads my blogs, I hope not!!! lol
I made these Rossettes on my MS Score Board too! Aren't they georgeous!!!!

A close up view , I also used stickles by Ranger

I used my Sizzix to emboss the background, the next picture shows more detail.

This is my favorite card, it makes me happy , hehe

Ok!! Now unto the Mini Books!

They are all made using one piece of 12 by 12 paper!, the last one is Tim Holtz paper , on one sheet there are 4 blocks which works magic because each page has a different pattern... Notice that they also have pockets which would be great to carry school pictures of your children or grandchildren, or even a place to put your money cards you collect over christmas!

I hope you enjoyed my projects!
Remember, any tips on video taping I can get would be greatly appreciated.
Happy Blogging! :)

November 26, 2011

More Christmas Cards

 I am so happy to share more  Christmas Cards with you!!! But first I have to share my excitment in my latest haul... I bought the score board by Martha Stewart and a Crocadile Big Bite 2!!! I am still learning new projects I can do using the Score Board now that I have the basics down. I will be showing the beautiful rossettes I made, I found the tutorial on youtube, my favorite place . The big bite, well I cannot say how much easier it made my card making experience, no more hammering!
Now onto my projects this week

The first few pictures is a card I made with white paper... I created my own background using my homemade glimmer mist , the gift boxes were created using a Martha Stewart gift stamp and punch and I added stickles by Ranger. ( again new products from my latest haul!)
The Merry Christmas red tag was created using Tim Holtz Distress Ink.  I stamped the Merry Christmas using a resistant Watermark ink pad, covered in Clear ultra powder (Yeah! it looks white , right??) , heated it then rubbed the red ink pad all over, and of course added the grommet with my new BIG BITE!!!!
You can see my tree in the background, Yes I have it up already!! My little boy just couldn't another day and the truth is I couldn't either ... I am Christmas's number one fan.

The border is left overs from when I made my own glitter strips! How???? I just take 2 way tape, apply it to paper, remove the tape paper to reveal the tape and apply glitter! I use my finger to make it apply even, also it works better with really fine glitter.

Martha Stewart gift stamp and Punch in one set!

I made the background with a  Joy stamp from Michael's worth $1.50 and embossed it with ultra embossing powder... it gives of a purplish hue. I so love this card.

This card was made with a Santa Coaster!!! It is very light weight and I love that it has the Sentiment written on it!!!

Another one of my favorites, I appreciate white space...when the card is opened there is another gate fold small card inside! It is really cool...notice that all my cards are tied to an oragami Envelope which you can learn how to do by searching for the tutorial in my blog. The Envelope gives the card a decorative base

You just have to love Roudolf!!! This is one of the cheap foam stamps I got at the dollar store
I used stickles on the angel stamp.. I love the straw string

I will see you all soon with more Christmas Cards, let them inspire you!

November 15, 2011

It's that time!!! Christmas!!! I love Christmas!!!!

Well I can't tell you how much I love Christmas, it is absolutely my favorite time of year and it is just around the corner, Woo Hoooo!!!!!  I know you must all be busy making lists, shopping and of course creating, I am astounded by the gifts and cards that you my fellow bloggers are putting together and showcasing on you're blogs, you are all such an inspiration to me. As for my loyal followers I have put together a showcase of Christmas cards and can only hope I can inspire you that way you did me, they are selling like crazy!!!
Enjoy and be inspired

Magnetic closure

This one is not finished.

Also I want to show you a canvas filing system I made... it helps me keep track of all the Newsletters coming home from School and what not!

It is now haning on my wall in my kitchen and works awesome!

Also I would like to mention that I will soon be having a blog hop and "My Memories" has provide a  really awesome giveaway!!!! So be sure to come back and visit! I can't wait!

November 1, 2011

Back into the Groove!!!

Hi friends and loyal followers!!! Yes I am back and couldn't be happier about it..Last week I organized my new scrapbooking room and put together a few projects I want to share with you.

The first project was a birthday gift for my twin sister, she absolutely loves it. I found a new style within me and learned that I love paint! I now am using paint for scrapbooking along with projects on canvas. Enjoy!

Canvas Project #1

My sister and I, ohh!!! and Twinkles!

Yes we are identical, I didn't know which one was me until my sister had pointed it out, hehe

The first letter 'S' is wooden, the rest I dabbed through a letter template with paint.

I love layering even though I may need a course in it, lol

Can you believe I found these at the dollar store!!!

Canvas Project #2

This project was a mixture of paint and a little scrapbooking... They are now on my wall and I am in love with them and plan on doing many more.

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