August 3, 2013

Saturday Sneak Peek

It is hard to believe that Saturday is here already.  And if it is Saturday, that means it is time for the latest sneak peek.  So here you go...

Once again, I think I've given you a pretty good clue to get some guessing in.  As always, I look forward to seeing what ideas you come up, no matter how outrageous they may be.  In fact, they are the best ones.  I may end up offering up a treat for the one that makes me laugh the most!  Offer up your guesses of the overall design by Wednesday at 12:00 EST in a comment to be eligible to receive a special treat.

 there is still time to sign up for your chance to win Naomi's latest new release:  Ladybug Layover!  Click HERE to find out how.

Also, please note that due to a lack of interest, we've had to extend the DT call until September 14th in hopes that people may apply closer to the end of the summer.  You can find out all the details by going HERE!

Have a very crafty weekend everybody! 

See you on all on Thursday for the reveal.


July 31, 2013

Make To Make Easy Paper Caterpillars!

Happy Hump Day!!
I hope you are all having a fantastic week!! I plan to take Michael to Sandspit this weekend coming and he is so excited to go on the Ferris Wheel and Bumper Cars...there is no way this mama is getting on any ride but Alex his friend is delighted to help me out. I get to hang out with Coralee, a long time friend that is home on holidays!!!  Don't ya just love summer???
Today I am showing you a card I made with my new papers from Paper Made Bakery and I got a little creative and made these really cute caterpillars!

How to make:
  • Punch 5 circles, these circles can be any size depending how big you want your caterpillar, also you can use pattern paper to add to the cute factor.
  • Ink around the edges of each with your choice of distress ink (I used black)
  • Add a face, I used Peach Keen Stamps but you could also draw a mouth and add googly eyes.
  • Draw legs
  • Overlap each circle and glue in place to create the caterpillar, voila!!!
Have a fantastic day!!!!

July 30, 2013

Summer Bug Brigade Freebie--The New and Improved Bumble Bug

Hello!  I hope that you all have BEEn well since we last met up.  Once again, we are reintroducing a previously released digi.  However, don't get your BEE in a bonnet if you missed it the first time around BEEcause now you have the chance to grab it again during the course of the next two weeks.  Let's re-meet...

  Bumble Bug

Bumble Bug, another beloved character of Naomi's, was introduced back in the summer of 2012.  She has had a makeover and is ready for her bug debut today.

Click HERE to get "Bumble Bug".  Available from Tuesday, July 30th, until Tuesday, August 13th, 2013.  After that it will be replaced with another freebie. 

First up, Suze from Craftysuze has this project she is sharing with all of you...

This card is just as sweet as can BEE.  Suze picked up some new DP and it was just so perfect for this image she just found herself creating; and, has done a rather splendid job!  I love the positive sentiment that she has chosen to put on her card.  You just cant BEE-t that kind of optimism!

Today I am also going to show you another previously made card created by the lovely Christina from Flowers, Ribbons and Pearls.  At the beginning of July, I showed you one of Christina's cards that she had made using Angel Bug and now it is time to show you one she made using Bumble Bug.

 Another stunning card by Christina.  From the cool card shape to the lovely flowers and embellishments this card is just BEE-utiful.  Then of course there is her in incredible colouring and shading of Bumble Bug herself.  Another bug out gorgeous card!  If you'd like to check out the post where this card originally came from you can click HERE

Thanks ladies for creating such wonderful cards to show all our readers great options for using Bumble Bug.

Sneak peek guesses...
We had some rather interesting guesses this week but nobody got them correct.  I even gave some bee hints in the sneak peek but no-one caught on.  However, I'm in a generous mood this week as I made my very first card sale.  I have a treasure hunt going on over at my own personal blog to celebrate and am giving away 10 different papers:  a paper a day until they've all been released.  Every time you get one part of the hunt correct, you get a paper.  If you are interested in checking it out, please click HERE.  Anyways, the generosity is being carried over to this blog because anyone who made ANY sort of guess as to what this week's freebie was, is eligible to pick up a really neat 'bee paper'.  So that means...
Julie Tucker-Wolek
Monkey Toes Too
Fit Kitty
 You are all eligible to receive the digital paper I made especially for this sneak peek reveal.  Just email me by clicking HERE, with the subject BUMBLE BUG.

 there is still time to sign up for your chance to win Naomi's latest new release:  Ladybug Layover!  Click HERE to find out how.


Remember, our DT call is on right now and we'd love to see you enter!  You can find out all the details by going HERE!  I'm getting a little nervous.  We've only had one person enter and unfortunately, they won't be eligible because they just linked up their blog and didn't do any of the things I asked for.  Remember, you only need to create one card with a CBD image; your other two cards should be examples of your best work.  I'm REALLY hoping that we'll get some sort of response very SOON!

Now BEEfore I go how about one last bug joke?

What kind of bug goes great with sushi?



Well that is it for the Summer Bug Brigade.  Don't forget to pick up Bumble Bug BEEfore she goes back into the store in two weeks.  I hope you will all BEE of good cheer until we meet again.

July 29, 2013

CAS Cards (Written Tutorial)


Happy Monday!!!

Hello my most loyal followers and welcome those of you new to my blog, I hope you all had a fantastic weekend, I had a wonderful time singing  with my sister and friend's as planned and I did a whole lot of cookin!...
Here goes: I made a "Squash Roast Pork" all smothered in ginger garlic rosemary and a dash of salt, a big roast beef done in the slow cooker with tomatoes, cumin, molasses, onion, garlic and correander..On half I made a banic over top when it was near done, (switched it over to the oven to do this) and the other half I made sloppy joes for my oldest son Ryan.. (they are to die for) , and for Michael I made homemade pizza on Painni Bread with my special homemade tomato sauce... Micahel tells me I make the best pizza and coming from a real fussy little guy I will certainly own it..

Today I have 3 cards I want to show you and they were super easy to make! I only had time to write out one tutorial.

Lets start with the "Just a Note" card
(Click on image to enlarge)

What you will need:
Silver/White Cardstock (Fresh Squeezed Stamps)
Silver Stickles
Deco tape
"Just a note" stamp (Fresh Squeezed Stamps)
How to make this card:
5" by 4 1/4" Silver Cardstock (free kit from Paper Made Bakery)
then 5" by 1 3/4" White Cardstock
  • Adhere white cardstock in center of Silver Cardstock as shown.
  •  Add a strip of deco tape in the center of the white cardstock , * (You could also cut strips of paper to get the same effect if you don't have deco tape or washi tape.), trim edges with scissors
  • Add a bloom topped with a little sparkle by using silver stickles by Tim Holtz...(My bloom was also from a kit from Paper Made Bakery)
  • Add two different size silver sequins randomly to the top right of the bloom along with stickles to give it that little extra shine.
  • Add a sequin to the center of your bloom
  • Stamp your sentiment to the lower right corner on the white cardstock
Easy Peasy!!!
Next ..."I miss you like Crazy" card
I stamped each circle using different colored ink and to get the silver edges (lets see if I can explain this) I used my circle punch and punched out 3 circles , then to only get that small fraction I punched the circle negative of each of the 3 circles )
Okay so I can't explain it , how about a picture?
Products Used:
1 1/4" Circle Punch
1 1/4" Circle Stamp
Pink/Yellow/Blue Ink Pad
White/ Silver Cardstock (Fresh Squeezed Stamps)
Background Stamp (Fresh Squeezed Stamps)
Corner Punch
And..... a "Thank You" Card
 Products Used:
Red/Silver sequins
Chevron Stamp
Pattern Paper (Fresh Sqeezed Stamps)
White/Black Cardstock
Stem stamp (Fresh Sqeezed Stamps)
Black and White Twine
Have a super day!! I hope to see you all on Wednesday  (or hopefully before) when I make my rounds

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