I am a proud mom of 2 amazing boys. I am in love with motherhood and love life to the fullest
(although you know we all have our days, wink wink) I started out as an avid scrapper (not the fightin’ kind) which led to making cards, then I found my true passion  “Creating Digital Images”. I have been sketching people throughout my life yet could never draw an animal; for example, a bear would end up looking like a mouse.In 2009 I took a Graphic/Web Development course that enabled me to hone in on my creativity so today a bear looks somewhat like a bear, lol.

I enjoy making websites with Dreamweaver CS4 and learning more each day about HTML and CSS.
We all have our favorites to work with when we get the “Creative Bug”, mine is without a doubt
working with stamps. My favorite tool would have to be the scoreboard which I use to make
envelopes, boxes and creative designs on the edges of my cards.

I am a working mom, a social butterfly (I am told) and love to sing, play guitar and compose music but most of all I am a loyal friend, a little eccentric at times, sincere, honest and love love love to have fun!! There is always laughter in my home, I believe life is what you make it for it is in the way we perceive every little thing.


C90designs GL said...

Hi I am here from Amys blog hop and was looking for your facebook fan page, I couldnt find it so requested to be your friend! Gina

Unknown said...

My facebook fan page is on the right side of my blog , you will see 4 cute flowers with the letters P, T, F, and G+, The F stands for facebook, just click the flower and it will take you to my fan page!! Thank you and it is very nice to see you!

Grace Baxter said...

Hi Naomi. Thanks for visiting my blog, Gracenotes for Today. Also, congratulations on becoming my 100th. follower!

Cathy -Mercieschild said...

HI Naomi, Thank you for your awesome post about my grandson's card. I have made many more and I love OWH , Thank you for being so kind. Today was his 20th birthday. He is a minesweeper and has had 2 incidents and is in an arm cast right now. How fast they grow up when they go to Afghanistan. I just want him to come home. I love your digi's and your blog and have signed up as a follower and also to get you blog on my e-mails. I am going to join your challenge, though I don't know how many cards I can make because we are traveling. We are Itinerant Ministers and travel and speak. But a lot of my stamping stuff goes with me in my suitcase :)
Thank you again for sending me that wonderful note,
Cathy Kuntz

Melisa Marie said...

Hey there Naomi! I found ya!! :) thank you for leaving the link on my blog!
thank you so much for subscribing to my post and for following my blog. I really appreciate you taking the time to read all about me.

I have started to follow your blog and I look forward to reading more! I can't spend a lot of time online tonight because I've already taken my medicine and it will be knocking me out soon, but I will definitely be back tomorrow to read more about you!

I've looked at a few of your posts and I LOVE your painted pumpkins. so cute! we don't have a big deck out front so I couldn't fill ours up with too much. Halloween isn't much celebrated around here because unfortuntely we live in a very small, VERY religious town and they only have one specific night dedicated to halloween celebrations for 2 hours of trick or treating. the kids don't really come out this way much because trick or treating is only permitted in city limits so we don't really decorate, though halloween IS mine and hubby's FAVORITE holiday.

Anyhow, I will be back tomorrow to read more and I hope that you'll continue to enjoy my blog. :)
I don't mind comments, so need to keep it all to one post. :)

Thank you so much!!!
((hugs)) my new friend!

~Melisa Marie

Melisa Marie said...

P.S. I think it's WONDERFUL that you have decided to expand into the world of digi-stamps. they can be SO much fun to use, but I'm sure, so much more fun to create! :)
can't wait to see more, your little snowman scene is SO cute! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi There,

Great images!!

Just wanted you to know I followed a link to your site from one posting freebies - specifically the Valentines Hippo. When I clicked into you store, I noticed all of your images were unwatermarked and could be rightclicked/saved without purchase. I didn't download one to confirm it so I could be wrong - You many want to check on it though. You are very talented and digis for a dollar are close to free but not completely :)


Unknown said...

Lyn you are so sweet to tell me, I have been made aware which is an issue with the template, I should have it fixed by noon tomorrow and am also dealing with an email change which caused problems with the "add to cart".. so I am going to just hope that there are honest people out there like yourself until I can address these issues. I would for you to go and take 4 images that you'd like for your honesty and taking the time to come here and tell me. If you are uncomfortable with that just email me your choices at naomiedwards86@yahoo.com and I can send them to you. I know you didn't want anything in return, I would just love to do this. Thank you so much!

Cathy -Mercieschild said...

Naomi, thank you for your wonderful comments on my blog, you always make me smile. thank you bunches, your the greatest. Hugs, Cathy K

mysteria said...

Naomi I loved you blog I am setting up my own web site to and I hope you come and check it out when I get it up and running and I hope it is half as good as yours is. this is an awesome site and I will come visit it more.

colleen H

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