December 17, 2013

Bit By the Bug Tuesday -- Winter Bug

Hello and welcome to the final week of our 'Tis the Season collection of images.  Throughout the past few weeks we have been looking at the celebrations taking place around the world.  There are just a few more left to share with you, but some of them happen to be pretty important ones.  Whether they are religious or spiritual in nature, in celebration with the winter solstice, or just plain goofy and out there, someone in this world will be celebrating them.

From now until the end of December, the following occasions will be observed:

December 18

Bake Cookies Day

Yum! Yum! And, just in time for getting all those Christmas cookies baked and out of the way. People, young and old alike, celebrate this day by baking their favorite cookies. Some even make a party of it, and bake cookies in groups with family, friends, kids and grandkids. Think of all the different batches of cookies you could get made with that many people around. Of course, I'm guessing you'll lose a couple dozen in the process, what with all the sampling that will be taking place. Don't forget, if you bake more than you need, you can always wrap up gift trays filled with cookies for friends and neighbours or even the local Homeless Shelter. Everyone should get the chance have to a Christmas cookie or two!

December 19

Look for an Evergreen Day

For many people, only a fresh cut tree will do for Christmas time. Real trees have the benefit of actually looking like a real tree and of course, the scent of fresh pine helps to capture the feeling of the holidays. So, if you are one of those people, where only a real tree will do, if you haven't already, today would be the perfect day to purchase that tree. Your running out of time before the big day and where will Santa put the presents if there is no tree?!


December 20

Go Caroling Day

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree...On the back of "Look for an Evergreen Day", Oh Christmas Tree would be the perfect song to start your caroling off since today happens to be Go Caroling Day. While the art of going caroling was much more prevalent in the past, Christmas caroling still remains popular in many area and among many different groups. It is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the holiday and appreciate its meaning. So warm up those vocal chords and take your family around the neighbourhood or book some time and go to your local nursing homes and senior citizen centres. Afterwards, some hot chocolate and some of those cookies you baked a few days ago are the perfect way to end the day.  

December 21

First Day of Winter/Winter Solstice

Winter is the coldest season of the year and it is caused by the axis of the Earth in the respective hemisphere being oriented away from the Sun. Different cultures define different dates as the start of winter, and some use a definition based on weather, but when it is winter in the Northern Hemisphere it is summer in the Southern Hemisphere, and vice versa. In many regions including my own, winter often brings with it snow and freezing temperatures. December 21st marks the first day of winter this year in my neck of the woods anyways. This date will mark the shortest day and longest night of the year. From here on, the daylight we experience each day will progressively get a little bit longer. Good thing, as 4:00 p.m. in the afternoon is much too earlier for darkness to fall.

December 22

Mother's Day

On this day each year in Indonesia, Mother's Day is celebrated.

December 23

Festivus Day

If you don't celebrate any of the big three--Christmas, Chanukah. or Kwanzaa then this is the perfect day for you. Festivus is a non-denominational day that can be celebrated by everyone. It became popular after an episode of the TV comedy Seinfeld aired an episode celebrating the obscure holiday. Festivus was conceived by editor and author Daniel O'Keefe and was celebrated by his family as early as 1966. In the original O'Keefe tradition, the holiday would take place in response to family tension, that took place any time between December and May. His son, also named Daniel, who was a scriptwriter for Seinfeld, created the episode that brought the occasion to the mainstream. After the episode aired, the occasion started to be celebrated annually on December 23rd. Festivus traditions include a Festivus dinner with meatloaf being suggested as the main course, and an unadorned aluminum "Festivus pole. After dinner traditions include practices such as the "Airing of Grievances" and "Feats of Strength," and the labeling of easily explainable events as "Festivus miracles."

I used to think that when I saw sentiments such as, "It's beginning to look a lot like Festivus", that it was just a play on the idea of this being a festive season. Now I know better!

The Emperor's Birthday

In Japan, everyone gets this day off to celebrate. The date is determined by the reigning Emperor's birthdate. Currently, it is in honour of Emperor Akihito, who was born on December 23, 1933.

December 24

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is the day before Christmas Day and is celebrated annually on December 24th for anyone affiliated with the Christian Church in the Western world. It is considered one of the most culturally significant celebrations in Christendom and the Western world, where it is widely observed as a full or partial holiday in anticipation of Christmas Day.


Nochebuena and Navidad are Spanish words that refer to the night of Christmas Eve. In Spain, Puerto Rico, Latin America, and the Philippines, the evening includes a traditional dinner with family. In Spain, Nochebuena it consists of a dinner with family and friends after coming home from Christmas Mass. Traditionally, it is common to begin the meal with a seafood dish followed by a bowl of hot, homemade soup. It is also common to have desserts such as turrĂ³n.


December 25

Christmas Day

Christmas is the annual commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ and is a widely observed holiday, celebrated generally on December 25th by millions of people around the world although it is celebrated at alternate times by those who abide by the Eastern traditions of Christianity. Christmas is a civil holiday in many of the world's nations and is celebrated by many non-Christians as well. It is an important event during the holiday season.

Christmas has both strong religious and traditional meaning. This time of year brings with it, a feeling like no other. It creates within us, a sense of kindness and concern for our fellow human beings and at no other time during the year are we more generous and giving. It is a time that creates a sense of family and belonging.

December 26

Boxing Day

Boxing Day traditionally follows Christmas Day and is observed in Canada, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and some other Commonwealth nations. Traditionally it was the day when servants and tradesmen would receive gifts from their employers, known as a "Christmas box". 

St. Stephen's Day

If you are from Austria, Balearic Islands, Catalonia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Ireland, Wales, England, Italy, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Montenegro, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Sweden, Finland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Poland, happy St. Stephen's Day. The true tradition on this holiday is to give gifts to the poor and needy in honour of St. Stephen. 


Kwanzaa is a week long cultural celebration observed from December 26 to January 1 each year by people of African heritage. The traditional greetings during this time are spoken in Swahili in order to reflect committment to the African culture as a whole. A different principle and a different symbol are celebrated during each day of the festivity. Each day the question is asked--Habari gani? Each day the answer is different based on the seven principles which are founded on a set of ideals created by Dr. Maulana Karenga in the mid 1960's which is when this cultural celebration began.

The seven principles are:

Unity: Umoja (oo–MO–jah)
Self-determination: Kujichagulia (koo–gee–cha–goo–LEE–yah)
Collective Work and Responsibility: Ujima (oo–GEE–mah)
Cooperative Economics: Ujamaa (oo–JAH–mah)
Purpose: Nia (nee–YAH)
Creativity: Kuumba (koo–OOM–bah)
Faith: Imani (ee–MAH–nee)

The seven basic symbols are:

Mazao (Crops)
Mkeka (Place Mat)
Kinara (Candle holder)
Vibunzi (Ear of Corn)
Muhindi (Gifts)
Kikombe cha Umoja (Unity cup)
Mishumaa SAba ( Seven Candles)

December 27

Make Cut Out Snowflakes Day

Here's a day to show off all those crafty skills, as you make paper snowflakes. For children and adults alike, making paper snowflakes is a skill practiced by many.  Given that there are no two snowflakes alike, it is fitting that many kinds of templates abound, from fast and easy patterns, to intricate time consuming designs to challenge the most practiced "snowflaker".  So, if you happen to like snow...bring it on! Bring out the paper and scissors, and cut out some paper snowflakes on this very special Make Cut Out Snowflake Day.  Hey--and no cheating using die-cut snowflakes today!

December 31

New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve, a time to reflect on the old and ring in the new.  New Year's Eve is celebrated at evening social gatherings whether in people's homes or elsewhere giving people the opportunity to eat, drink, dance and watch or light fireworks to mark the new year.  To many Americans, and to others as well, the ball dropping at Times Square in New York City signals the start of the new year.  Celebrations generally go on past midnight into January 1 to allow people the opportunity to usher in the new year in grand style.

Well that takes care of all the holiday celebrations for the remainder of this year, so how about we take a look at our last planned freebie for 2013.  Let me introduce you to... 

Winter Bug

 Click HERE to get "Winter Bug".  Available from December 17th until January 14th. After that it will be replaced with another freebie.

Due to some bugs (and not the cute kind) taking place in the store, Creative Bug Digi's is having a complete makeover.  There will be lots of new features and even a catchy new name!  This process will take approx. 3 weeks.  So given that situation, you can grab the freebie here for now.
Be sure to left click it to bring it up fullsize in the lightbox where you can then right click and choose to save the image.

What a cutie pie she is.  When Naomi revamped the other bugs in the collection earlier this year, she also took the time to polish up this one too.  Winter Bug is all set to bring a sweet gift to anyone she meets.  Many of you weren't following the first time she was offered as a freebie, so now is your opportunity to add her to your collection.

Let us check and see what a couple of our DT came up with to showcase Naomi's adorable Winter Bug...
Now how freaking cool is that?!!  Vicky has created a little winter scene right inside of a jar.  I've never seen anything like this.  Of course, Vicky tends to show me a lot of firsts in her work!   Winter Bug looks perfect nestled in next to the tree.  It is like she grabbed the present from underneath it and is just waiting to give it to you.  You can check out the details of this project over on Vicky's blog Crafting Vicky.

Next up is...
What a great idea for a winter birthday card!  Monica shows us the versatility of digi stamps.  Not only is Winter Bug a great digi to use on your holiday related cards but it is also great for a birthday card or any kind of winter related gift giving celebration.  Great layering, framework and a sweet sentiment to go along with it.  You can check out all the details of Monica's card by visiting her blog, TaylorMade 4U.

Sneak peek guesses...
In the spirit of the season where gifts abound, so to shall anyone who attempted a guess, receive a small gift from me.  That means that Julie, Ike, KT Fit Kitty, Edwina, D~, Sarah and Kimberly are all entitled to a paper I created.  No one actually got it right but Edwina came close thinking it was a winter jacket.  So, ladies, if you'd like a copy, send me an email by clicking HERE with the subject heading 'CBD Sneak Peek: Winter Bug' and I'll send you off the digital paper displayed below.  Please note that it might take me a few days to get back to you though, so I appreciate your patience.

New Release Image...
Traditionally, we would wait and give out the image to the person(s) who won it, when we revealed our next new release.  However, since we won't have a new release until January 9th when we come back from our brief break over here on Creative Bug on the Loose, I felt that we should also announce the winner of North Pole Ambassador today.

To be eligible to have your name entered into the draw to win North Pole Ambassador I wanted to know, "what is your favourite holiday tradition?" Thank you to everyone who responded.  It was so interesting learning about the different traditions that people have or grew up with--from family get-togethers and huge buffets, to yearly cookie making, and tree decorating; and then there was the tradition of a 1980's cabbage patch kid set up to look like it was ransacking a child's stocking--I loved hearing them all! This week, the winner of the last new release for 2013, is... 
Everyone who submitted an answer to the question!!!
So  Ike, KT Fit Kitty, Edwina, D~ and Kimberly, please contact me by clicking HERE with the subject heading 'North Pole Ambassador' to get your copy.  Like I mentioned above, it might take me a few days to get back to you, so I appreciate your patience.
Now you can't go without one final joke to send you off this holiday season...
 Q: How much difference is there between the North Pole and the South Pole?
All the difference in the world!
Well that is it for me and the DT crew over here on Creative Bug on the Loose for the remainder of 2013---well maybe, there might just be one extra special treat for you, so you'll have to come and check on us next week, just in case.

On behalf of everyone, I wish you a wonderful holiday season filled with love and laughter and of course lots of crafty goodness.  We'll be back to see you all on January 9th to begin a whole new year of fun and inspiration.  It is sure to be a blessed year so I hope you will all come back and see us then.  Until that time, stay safe and have fun!

Please note:  I apologize if any of these dates or information are incorrect.  It is not meant to be a slight on your particular faith or observances.  I am simply going by the research that I uncovered.  
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