March 1, 2011

Scrapbooking " Big flowers on a card"

If there is one thing I really love, it is having big flowers on a  card, I did this card a while back but it is still one of my favorites for two reasons, as I mentioned Big Flowers and Doodling!!!!Doodling is a technique used in scrapbooking and really, what person can't doodle?? We all did it at school when the class dragged on and some of us, Well!, even made a few trips to the principles office for doing so, hehe. Ignore the date on the pictures, it was an old camera and I didn't know how to set it right.

Big Flowers say "Look at Me, aren't I beautiful?!!!" Sometimes I use a template to draw flowers and other times I cut them out of a gift bag or believe it or not a magazine. You may think that paper in a magazine would be too thin but I do have a solution.

  • After you cut the flower out, grab an old cereal box
  • Glue the cut out flower to the printed side of the cereal box
  • Cut around edges, Voila! A much stronger flower.
  • To give it rise, use 3D adhesives ( they come in different sizes and shapes) If you don't have any but happened to have thick 2 sided tape, it works the same. Put these adhesives on the back of your flower and put it on your card or project.

Here is another one I did , this flower was taken from a bunch of fake flowers that can be bought at Wallmart, Michael's and the Dollar Store... Mine are from the dollar store, they have a wide variety as well and much cheaper which is always the route I take when shopping. I have lucked out at times and got 4 for a dollar! They sometimes don't always look great on the stems but if you can place one on an imaginary card using your creative brain you just may have an idea before you leave the store.

Last but certainly not least , the next card is my favorite and the flower dominates the whole front side of the card and yes another Dollar Store flower.

Keep checking back for more tips and projects!! Thank you for reading and feel free to share it with your friends.

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