Thank You Card

Hello again my awesome blogger friends, I haven't blogged in over a week due to the summer kick off. There has been so much to do and meanwhile I just couldn't wait to get back to my craft table, my sanctuary.

Today I did a Thank You card, just two weeks ago my oven broke and since we've been using a toaster oven. My best friend , Troy who is also like a dad to Michael (now 8 since July 1st!!!!), his parents were lovely enough to go out and buy us a brand new stove!!! I was floored to say the least and very grateful that I didn't have to save for anything else seeing I am renovating my house, a very slow process and planning on flying home this summer.

So I thought I would send them a thank you card, it is the least that I could do.. I used paper from Bo Bunny and Nikki Sivels, the ribbon is also from Nikki Sivels. I also used Tim Holtz Ranger ink for the  thanks so much stamp and the dots that are going off the page.

In order to open this card , you have to turn the tab with the flower on it.

The private note can be taken out incase they would like to showcase the card.

Finally have time to blog Hop!!! Off I go!


Very, very cute and such a sweet gesture to send a thank you card. I like how it opens! Melanie
Soooooooooo AWESOME! I loveeeeeee the mushrooms and how you designed to open it! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)
I love the way this card opens. But of course, I would just have to put rhinestones on the flower. Just a simply beautiful card and friends
Helen said…
This card is lovely! Are the mushrooms and the grass stamped on? I am not the most creative card maker and struggle to make such fab designs.
Naomi Edwards said…
Hi Helen, I usually don't respond in my own comment box but I couldn't find any other way to write to you and answer your question... No these mushrooms and grass are not stamped, I wish I could say they were! hehe.. I can't remember where I got this lovely paper only that I ordered it online.. if you buy pretty paper you don't have to do much else! Great if you are in a time crunch! Thank you for visiting my blog , I hope to see you back here!

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