Christmas shutter Card


First of all I really hope you like my new blog make over!!! I did it myself!!! First I created a banner with pictures of my flowers and cards in Photoshop , saved it as a JPEG, then simply uploaded it as a picture!!... I surprised myself!!

Well let me tell you, when I seen this card on youtube. I actually doubted myself because it looked so complicated... after a sweet self talk session, lol, I dared to take it on and low and behold it was much easier than it looked!!! I will be doing more of these for sure!!! I hope you like it!

Have a fantastic day!


Nikki Sivils said…
Your blog is lovely, thanks for sharing it with me! You are one talented gal!!
Happy Holiday's! -Nikki
Love love love the blog look and your card is GORGEOUS!! I am Nikki's blog coordinator and saw your comment on her blog and wanted to check you out! :):):):):):):):):):):)
Naomi said…
Thank you so much ladies!! I am honored to receive such compliments from you!!! I think you are amazing!!! I may be trying out for the design team call.. I am researching how to photograph my projects and also tommorrow I am buying Nikki Sivels Paper!!!!!! I want to see what I can do with them!
Maria Matter said…
Gorgeous shutter card Naomi!

love your blog header!!
Staci said…
WOW! That is one amazing card! Love the details! Have a great day.
Sherrie K. said…
Awesome shutter card!!! I love your blog too:) Great design:)
Sherrie K
Carina Lindholm said…
Beautiful card! and great job on your blog design,:)
AmyJRockstar said…
OMGoodness Naomi! That card is amazing! Wow! It's just gorgeous! That's not why I really came here though... It's with the greatest pleasure actually, that I have come bearing some good news for you, but there's a catch... you have to stop by our blog (FCCB) for the Wednesday post. You won't be sorry! ;)

Lots of love dear friend,

XO ~ Amy Jo (FCCB Coordinator)

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