February 25, 2012

Glitter Galore!

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What a stormy day here in Prince Edward Island!! It sure makes us appreciate the good days...well the electricity could go any moment so if you get to see this post you know it's hangin on.

Today I want to share a couple of things, one a card that I made with lots of Glitter using Stickles by Tim Holtz and a layout I did before I even heard of scrapbooking. In this layout I cut pieces from magazines to create a living room. I cut out images of my boys and placed them in the layout. All I used was paper, scissors and glue so even if you are just a beginner don't think you need a lot to start with!


This layout was created by cutting out pictures in a magazine and placing them to create a living room, also I cut out pictures of my boys and placed them trying to achieve perspective. Not bad hey, except the cat may be too big, hehe.

And I thought to add a picture of my little fella (Michael) , we had just spent 2 hours outside and we both worked up a sweat...here is just being silly , he does it to make me laugh..and I did. Isn't he adorable?

Until next time!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Adorable card and lo!!! I loveeeeee how you used magazine pieces for your lo!!! Great idea!! And loving that photo of Michael!! Toooo cute!

Christina Griffiths said...

Another lovely card and I love the photo of cheeky Michael. That sea loos rough from your window and i bet you are glad to be indoors. Will be back to see your Friday freebies.... good luck with them xx

Christina Griffiths said...
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AmyJRockstar said...

OMGoodness Deary! Love that card! So beautiful! I'm just giggling about your layout and how well that worked out! You are so clever, my friend. ;) Love it! Great pictures too! :) Thanks for all your sweet comments on my blog, Darling!

Love you,
Amy Jo

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