March 5, 2012

Creative progress

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Hi Everyone!

It's Monday again, hard to believe the weekend went by so fast!

I have been working on  a Split Paper Bag Mini Album here and there and can't wait for it to be done to show you! I have been dealing with an annoying allergic reaction to medication for 4 days so there is a lot of scratching  and Benadryl is causing me to sleep a lot. Cross your fingers for me that this will go away as quick as possible, pretty pleaseeeeee.

So today instead of not writing a post I decided to show you one of the very first cards I ever made, now we all know what it is like to start out so try not to laugh...I didn't have any pattern paper so I doodled!!! I guess that is quite common now! Actually I don't know about you but it almost became second nature to me when I got bored in a class at school.. oh that seems so long ago...

I used really big flowers on all cards starting out because I had seen one in a magazine and was determined mine was going to be as nice..........not! It's the effort that counts right? lol

Here is my masterpiece, hehe

Oh! and don't mind the date, this was an older camera and I had no idea how to change the date on it, this was a little over a year ago. Don't you just love the way I understood inking at that time! hahahaha.... over all I still adore this card, there will be no other card like your first and I hope you all either saved or took a photo of yours, it is always nice to see how far along you have come.


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Ohhhh I love your first card!! I love those flowers and the colors too!! And I remember when photos added the date to the fronts! LOL!! That trend didn't last long! lol!!

Sherrie K. said...

Oh Wow...great 1st card! I love the big flowers and the colors are awesome! Feel better soon my friend :)
Sherrie K

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