March 20, 2012

Summer Mini Album

Happy Tuesday!!!!!! Today I have a project to show you that I did for a friend of mine to record her Summer memories.
 A Summer Mini Album!!!

For those of you who have a cricut and shaped chipboard this is for you but!!!! it is also for those of you who don't have either!!!!

How to make this album:

You can choose what ever shape you want , it depends on what you have. I had a large Label  Die cut so I used it as a template to cut out all my pages. ( Just remember you have to cover the front and back of the cardboard so it will be easier if your dimension's are the same of both sides unless you are using all cardstock only)

  • So first choose your template, put aside all solid and pattern papers you picked  for this project. It is a good habit to have an idea what your album will look like and spend the extra time to pick them out ahead of time, this actually saves time .I took a cardboard box and cut rough squares out bigger than the template for my pages. 

  • Use your template to trace around and cut out as many pages from the cardboard squares that you will need for your album, one by one.

  • Put all your solid colored paper together, tape with low tack tape on all for sides to hold in place, this will keep your papers from moving when you cut them out, a real time saver!

  • Use your  crafting knife to cut around the shape, don't press to hard, this is usually the problem with not getting a smooth edge. Repeatedly cut around until you get through the last layer, if you press and cut all the way through you will have uneven rough edges.

  • Do the same with the pattern paper you choose. ( Remember with pattern paper you have white on one side unless you use double sided paper so therefore you will have to cut half, flip over and cut the other half)

  • Now you should have all your pages set to go and now can assemble your album.

  • I used tacky glue, dotted it on around the edges and used a bone folder to go over it to make it flat. Wet glue is tricky and it may wrinkle your paper but I know people who have used it successfully.

  • Next punch three holes in the same place on every piece, this will be the binding, you can use a paper hole punch or a Crocodile Big Bite. I measure where I want the holes to be and then use that one page as a template to make sure all holes are lined up on other pages.

  • The rest is up to you to add your style of decorating!! Have fun and don't rush it , this may take a few days.

Here is the one I did! Most of the supplies I used were from Nikki Sivil's Summer Collection Kit, I am not sure if Nikki still has this kit but she does have others to die for, I can't wait to get you're a hoot! That is on my list today, here is a list to Nikki Sivils products.

You will notice I used paint on every page which I applied with a sponge brush. I love working with paint and blending different colors.

Have a great day!!!!


Sherrie K. said...

Naomi, Naomi....this is FABULOUS!! Oh, what a fun mini and just the right spring like colors and such fun embellishments:) Great job my friend. I love making mini's. Infact, I think I am going to make one for my daughter for Easter. Thanks for the inspiration!!
Sherrie K

Christina said...

This is a lovely project Naomi and one I will copy for my great grandaughters Christening. I can see it in pink with Flowers, Ribbons and Pearls on it and fillded with photos of the day. TFS

Christina said...

This is a lovely projects Naomi and one I will copy for my great grandaughters Christening... I can see it in pink with Flowers, Ribbons and Pearls on it and filled with photos of the day.... TFS xx

Carol said...

Love, Love this project. You did an awesome job. I need to do more mini albums. Thanks for stopping by my blog and becoming a follower. I became a follower on your blog, can't wait to share ideas.


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