May 2, 2012

Waterfall Card/ love you a latte

Hello everyone! I decided to be brave and try out a waterfall card! I had searched for the right tutorial and to my surprise Christina over at FlowersRibbonsandPearls (my biggest inspiration) was the fourth one I came upon and the BEST  over at youtube! I shouldn't be surprised at all for Christina's website is the biggest card making site I have ever come across, I have been visiting for over 3 months and still haven't seen half of it! I can't even imagine all the work that has been put into it... Christina , you rock!

If you want to learn how to make this waterfall card just either go to the written tutorial done by Christina HERE or go to Christina's video tutorial HERE( Be warned , once there you may not be able to find it in yourself to leave)

The Waterfall Card is fun, elegant or even magical for a child depending of course on papers and the images you use... all you do is pull the tab and watch it all flip over creating a waterfall effect

Usually a waterfall cards run downward but for something different Christina did it horizontal... I think we should give it a new name!!!! What do you think?

I love you a  latte !!!!

 Have a terrific day, I know I will!!!!


jessica said...

Morning!! This is so adorable!! You did an awesome job!! Perfect papers and color combo! Thanks for sharing and thanks for the link!
Have a great day!!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Soooooooo awesome!!! I loveeeeeee how this turned out!!! WOW!!!! You rocked it!! Have to check her out!! Thanks for the links!

Christina said...

What a lovely interpretation of the waterfall card and I am so happy that you enjoyed the tutorial ... but if you keep up with the compliments Naomi I will be blushing xx

Dayna Sabrina said...

Now this is just too cute! I loved seeing the progression. I don't think I've ever seen a card like this. Thanks so much for sharing!

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