July 21, 2012

Twin Baby Album (Photo Video)

Video is now working! Thanks Christina for letting me know

I hope you are all having a fantastic day such as myself!! No, there is no reason, just happy!!!

Today I am excited to show you an album I completed for  twin babies!You start to think it will never get done and it will land in the "incomplete stash" in your scraproom but this was an order and that itself was a motivation ... the lady who ordered this album is giving it to her sister, what a thoughtful gift hey? The babies will be born in August but mama  already knows its a girl and boy. Who hoo! Another set of twins in the world! ( I am a twin, hehe)
 Where there are no pictures in this album I was was given permission to put it on my blog...bless her  cotton socks,  my client was very happy with the results so therefore of course I am!

Without further adieu!!!!   ( I did another picture video so grab a coffee and get comfortable.)

Have a super day!!!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Ohhhhhhhhhh I love it!!!! WOW!!! Really beautiful!!! Her sister is going to LOVE it!!

jessica said...

what a beautiful mini!!! love all the details! Thanks for sharing the picture video and hope you have a GREAT weekend!!

Anonymous said...

Naomi I love your emails and videos so much. Just wanted to let you know. Thanks for all you contribute. Mandee in TX

Christina said...

That is absolutely amazing and so beautiful .... I love it and you are so clever and creative to make it. I am sure they loved it and will treasure it for ever I know I would. xx

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