August 29, 2012

Journey of Happiness/ Autism


Welcome and thank you for visiting today. I have decided to go back in time and share with you one of the first Scrapbooking layouts I did. The cute little fella on the layout is my little bunches of love , he was only 2 years old in these pictures (now nine!!!) and boys did he ever bring happiness into our family.
To look at Michael you would never know that he has Autism because Autism is invisible in still photos , it becomes evident most notably in behaviors such as repetition, awkard movements and language. People often say I don't know how you do it but like anything you deal with on a daily basis it becomes the norm. I won't say that it wasn't hard at certain times in our lives but I can say it has made us all closer and stronger people.
I have been doing this blog for quite some time and have never really spoke from my heart on the matter for I left that to my website, but seeing I have made so many friends that are so willing to share personal info with me I thought I would also share with you. To know more about Autism, visit my website that I designed from the ground up as an informative site for all of you out there that either is related or knows someone with Autism.

Here is my little rugrat...  (Be nice about the layout, I was a beginner) lol

Michael is a great drawer, he says "Mommy I am an artist right??" and I say "right you are!" He tried drawing this image a couple of weeks ago for I had this picture put on a button that is now on my fridge  , the detail and perspective was awesome!!! I will have to find it and show you... he has filled 9 scribblers over the summer not counting all the typing paper he used.

His brother had taught him how to do a brain freeze, I love his little fingers!!!

This is Michael now, this picture was taken only 3 days ago as he was trying out his new sprinkler.

I hope you enjoyed this post, have a great day!


jessica said...

Beautiful LO Naomi! Love the flashback....what cute pictures!! Oh and how they grow!!!
TFS and happy Wednesday!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I wanna play in that new sprinkler!! HOW FUN!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee your lo!! LOVING the photos and love love love the colors and the design!!!

Emilie said...

Hi Naomi! Even though you were a biginner your layout was beautiful! And I would love to see you use this gorgeous photo on a brand new layout! xxx

Valerie said...

what a great layout! Thank you so much for sharing from your heart. wonderful story. He's a cutie!

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