Personal Support Call ( Michael's Surgery)

Hello and thank you for visiting today!

If you have been following my blog you would have come to know a little about my amazing son Michael. 

This post is to request help from all card makers even if you are here for the first time.

Michael is an amazing strong boy who deals with life by the moment and he touches each and every soul he encounters with his bright smile, his inquisitive nature and the love he shares so freely. Michael sees our world differently than we do as he was diagnosed with Autism at the age of three. I am preparing Michael for the upcoming experience the best I know how.

Michael is due to have surgery on both feet this fall. He's had problems with his hips and feet since birth as we were told he would never walk. It was difficult to put a diaper on Michael when he was an infant because his hips wouldn't spread wide enough.

 When Michael was about 6 months I pushed his hips apart a little too much which made Michael laugh! I did this everytime I changed him not knowing how much it would help him. The next visit  with his Doctor was very emotional as I left with a small pinch of pride and high hopes that Michael will walk!!!! I continued the new ritual of course but we still had his feet to deal with.
I worked on Michael's feet everyday for a year,  they were both turned 90 degrees to the right, this was quite a challenge but they did straighten... not all the way but Michael did learn to walk!!!!

Children with autism often walk on their tip-toes, walking on toes reduces overstimulation in the feet that can occur as a result of walking on the entire foot.
It  may also be a learned habit  or may relate to motor coordination challenges, a tight Achilles tendon, or a sensory processing difference, all these reasons fit Michael.

The surgery will consist of extending both of his Achilles tendons in both feet, he will be hospitalized for approx. 3 days off Island and will have walking casts on both feet.

Michael as other children with autism establish a routine daily so this in it's self will be a big change and challenge for Michael as he will be laid up a month trying to understand why his little feet are so heavy and why he can't do the things he wants without mommy's help.

So I am asking all of my friends and whoever would like to commit to sending Michael a card to make one small part of his day a routine and to show him how much people are wishing him well. Michael loves the cards I make and he takes in every detail so I know this will really brighten his day.

I don't have the surgery date yet as we are going for a consultation on Oct. 24th, I am guessing it is in Novemeber where they gave it a 4 month margin. I will keep you up on the details...all I need right now is your committment.

Who would like to help brighten Michael's day and mine as we take on this experience that life has given us??!!!

I am truly counting on you.


You know you can count on me AND Brookie!!! We will both make a card!!! What a hard thing for him to go thru!!!
Wendy L said…
Hi Naomi, I did know about Michael. I will of course make a card for him. I am due to go on vacation on 12th Oct so I will get it done before then, I think I still have your address. xxxx Hugs

Wendy L
Beckie said…
May God bless you and keep you!

Drop me or pm me your address and I'll start on a card right away.

Be blessed, Beckie
Creative M said…
Hi Naomi,You can count on me.I would love to brighten Michael's day and always keep him smiling....Please send me your addy and I can start on the cards right away!
My Prayers,hugs and Bloggie love are with you,Michael, and your family...
Valerie said…
If a handmade card will brighten his day and bless your heart as well you can count me IN!
I would love to make him a card, what is his favourite colour or some of his favourite things?? Keep me posted as to when to send the card (I am in Canada so it takes about 3 weeks to get to the U.S)
I am on your blog everyday so count me in, you got it. I will keep checking your blog Sweetie, When the time comes I will ask my stamping list to send cards too. hugs, Cathy K
Rhonda Emery said…
you can count on me just send me details and where to send and I will brighted the little guys day. You are very strong. hugs
jessica said…
Of course my sweet friend you can count on me!!! Drop me your address and I would love to send Micheal a card!!
Thanks for sharing more of his story!!
Jessica :)
yyam said…
What a tough thing for a kid to go through. I would love to send him a card Naomi!
Suze said…
I'm in as well. Mine will be coming from New Zealand so I will need a bit more time to send it. Some ideas on favourite things, colours, etc would be a help. Let me know where to send it - I'm on your followers list so you should have my e-mail from that. I'm taking a week's break next week but will get on to it on my return if I have the details by then.
Christina said…
Naomi you are such a caring mother and I will gladly send Michael a card and my very best wishes for him to get well again soon. It will take a while to get to you from the UK but hopefully it will be with you for when he comes home from hospital. I will also add this to my blog and send folks to visit your blog for more details and then you can give them your address. Love to Michael and you and Troy.
I would absolutely love to send a card to Michael!
smallbitsofpaper @ [remove spaces]
butterflyamanda said…
hello Christina [flower ribbon and pearls blog] sent me over I would love to send your son a card please email me with your details
my email is
huggs Amanda
Naomi~I am definitely led to do this & I will tell you why when you e-mail me. I also want to know favorite color or cartoon or something he likes. I know with my grandkids that Legos, Cars (the movie), Spiderman, things of this nature would be what they would be thinking but I need to know about your Michael. I have company coming for a week in October & my niece is having a baby sometime in October so I'm going to spend a week with her & my sister that month too. Drop me a note! I'll get something made. Frogs, dogs, turtles, I'm trying to think of all the things my young ones like???
lisa walker said…
Please send me an address, I would love to send a card or a few! And also lots of blessing's for a speedy recovery!!
Maureen Marsh said…
Naomi I would love to send him a card as well from New Zealand
my e-mail is
regards Maureen (Christina sent me)
Maureen Marsh said…
Hi Naomi, I would love to send a card for your son from New Zealand.
my e-mail is
Christina sent me over.
Kind regards
Anonymous said…
would love to send a card....please email me at you come through this well....
Karen H said…
Oh Naomi... you know you can count on me! Crafting for a higher purpose is an honor and certainly the least we can do for each other. Certainly let us all know if there are particular themes, etc that he may enjoy above all.. though I suspect he will treasure every card, regardless of theme. My nephew is autistic, too. I'm sending you all the love my heart can hold (and even more)! God bless you, my dear!

Hugs and blessings!
Suzy said…
Hi Naomi, Christina of flower, ribbon and pearls sent me here.
Would love to send a card to Michael,
Please email me your details on:
God bless you and your family. Laure.
tabithagrace said…
I heard about you & your son from Christina. I would love to send a card. Prayers & Blessings to all your family & Michael.

correnadotme said…
I have just come accross your site, from visiting Christina's site, I have been following hers for quite a while, and when I saw about making cards for Michael, I came over to your site to check it out. I would like to send a card to Michael as well. I started making cards about 2 years ago out of neccessity, and then for therapy, now I just do it because I love to. I dont have a site or anything, just a simple blog. I am now following yours and my email is: Thank you for wanting this done for your son!! Its a great idea. God bless you as you and Michael go through this process.
Barb Ghig said…
Hi there, Christina sent me, and I would love to create a cheerful card for Michael, and follow your blog for updates! My email addy is:
May God Bless Him, today and always. I will keep him in my prayers, that he has a successful surgery and a speedy recovery!
Barb Ghig said…
I don't see my previous post, so I will stop back later to see if it's up. (HUGS) to you...Barb G.
Lynnette said…
I would love to send him a card. Christina from her blog sent me here so I wanted to do this as soon as i saw her post. My name is Lynnette . My e-mail address is I send lots of cards to people in need so I really do enjoy doing this so very much. Love, prayers and blessing to your whole family. I pray that this surgery will work for you son and that he will get used to this and that he will not be that bothered by all of this, I pray. Thanks for letting me be a little part of your family.
Anonymous said…
I saw this on Christina's blog as well and would love to send Michael a card. I do not have a website and have no experience with digital cards if the request is for digital cards only.
Naomi Edwards said…
Hi Anonymous, you can do whatever type of card you like, it is not limited to to Michael's likes he has no specific colors or preferences to what image , embellishments etc... Michael takes in detail moreso than we do and I assure you he will love anything you do, he is a live in the moment kind of guy which certainly has taught me to do the same. Thank you so much for wanting to make a card!!!! If you still choose to make a card, here is my address:
Naomi Edwards
17 Main St.
Box 376
Souris, PE, Canada
C0A 2B0
Naomi Edwards said…
Hi Barb, I sent you the details! Thank you so much.. you are all melting my heart , I am amazed at the response..HUGS!!
MiMi D said…
Came here from Christina's blog. Would love to send Michael a card. Will be praying for Michael, you and the doctors.

'cepta said…
God bless you and Michael. Yes I would be hapy to send a card to Michael. What are his likes, and I will attempt to use that as a theme for his card.

'Cepta, Galway, Ireland.
Anonymous said…
I've arrived here from Christina's blog,which was linked to Jennifer Kirk's blog,which I clicked on from the Craftsuprint forum...I'd love to send Michael a card from Spain. My email is Does Michael like any particular colours or topics?
Thinking of you.

DIANA L. said…
I'm in. Hugs to you and, peace, strength and understanding, from above.
Naomi, sorry I'm so late in commenting, I read all of yours and Christina's posts. I've grabbed your addy from a comment above and will get to work on the card for your brave boy.

Much love, thoughts and prayers
Em xxx
Lisa said…
Of course I will send a card for Michael and keep him and you in my prayers. What a tough thing for him to go through...he is lucky he has a Mom like you!! I grabbed your address from the above post so I will be working on it this weekend :)

Hugs, Lisa :)
A Mermaid's Crafts
I just read of this on one of the blogs that I follow. I would love to make a card and will send it out to the address above!!! Hugs and stay strong! Vicky
Renee said…
Hi Naomi; I came over here from Kate's blog. I would love to make a card for Michael. I hope all goes well with his surgery & that the process isn't too stressful for him! (or you)
Hugs, Renee
Manitoba, Canada
Lynnette said…
Hi Naomi my card is done and I was wondering if it was okay if I post a picture of it on my facebook page as i don't yet have a blog. Thanks Lynnette
Naomi Edwards said…
Hi Lynnette,
I was wondering what your last name is because I have tried to look for you on Facebook without any luck... I would love to see the card you made!!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!
Suze said…
Hi Naomi. My card is on it's way to you and shouldn't be too far away now (if it hasn't already arrived). You can also view the card here:

artful-notions said…
Hi Naomi,

Was sent to your blog via Diana over at PTI's blog. I'm excited that mine will be one of the cards Michael will enjoy!
Prayers for you and your family during the whole ordeal.
katieo said…
I read about Michael on Diana's blog. My 14 year old son and I would love to make a card to send to Michael. We will work on it this weekend.

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