Very Exciting News!!!!

Hello my friends!

I am just dropping in with some really exciting news... I have completed 46 pages of my new website and bought the domain, all I have left to do is add a Zen Cart which I have no clue about... I worked soooo hard at this but loved it at the same time.
 It will be up and running in 2 days!!!!!! 
Yeah I am on a deadline here, sick or not... I am battling Kidney infection, Kidney stones and a flare up (Fibromyalsia) but I am being taken care of by the doctors and seriously I am too excited to mind it too much (mind over matter???),
Things will get back to normal when it is published and I can visit all of you...gosh I miss you!!!! 
Have a fantastic evening!  (can you tell I am excited?)


Can't wait to see the website!! Hope you are feeling better soon, take care of yourself!
Yay!!! For your website!!!!! But FEEL BETTER soon!!!!! :)
correnadotme said…
God bless you. I understand fibro flare ups, I am dealing with one right now in my knee, very painful, I am praying for you about that and the kidney issues as well. I am very excited about your site too, and can't wait to see it. Take care of yourself and congrats to you.
Whoop Whoop Naomi - fab news, can't wait to see new website. Hugs and feel better soon! Karon
Lisa said…
Feel better soon my sweet friend. I'm so excited for you and the website!! I know how much work is involved in putting one together!! I can't wait to see it!! HUGS!!

A Mermaid's Crafts
Staci said…
I hope you're better soon! Congrats on getting the website up! Have a great week.
yyam said…
How exciting!

P/s: Please take care of yourself too!
Sherrie K. said…
Awesome and so exciting! Take care my friend!
Sherrie K
Love you Honey. Can't wait to see your site.
Karen H said…
My super sweet friend, I am sending up extra prayers and sending you extra love! I am very familiar with chronic kidney stones and all that goes with it, so on that end I can feel your pain. But our God is so much greater! :o) I am so proud of you for always persevering and for continuing to put such love and effort into your craftiness. :o) You are such a blessing, my friend!

Hugs and blessings!
Sarah Biswabic said…
I hope you feel better soon! I too have fibro and also have a son with autism. I know how you feel and if you ever need anything please e-mail me at Your new friend, Sarah

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