Free Digital ( Look at Me!, Lolly) Cute cartoon dog

Happy Tuesday!
As always to show you my appreciation for visiting my blog and supporting my online store I am giving away a free digital stamp!!
This week I am giving away "Look at me" Lolly!
This digital stamp is different from most that I give away due to how he will be used on your card!!
Lolly is mean't to be cut out ( I rounded the edges as best as I could to make it an easy cut) and placed on your card so that a part of his paws hang outside the frame or matting...see second image to understand.
 He looks to be in the circle with his paws outside  similar to someone half way out of an open window??? LOL   ( Hard to explain!)
The first image has a straight vertical mark showing you where to place him along the square or rectangle frame and he is mean't to be placed on the right side unless you have an editing program...then you can reflect him.

 Click below to go to my online store in the freebies section to get Lolly and remember to right click and save:
The image below is not mean't for download but to use as an example for how to use Lolly but if you want this image you can buy him HERE!
*Note - you can only find "Look at Me" Lolly if you follow the links I have provided here AND if you use Mozilla Firefox. Google is taking several days to index images.
Have a fantastic day!!!!


ike said…
Oh, he's just FABBO. What a cute smiling little face :-D I snagged one - Thank you very much Naomi xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Lynne said…
He is soooo.. very cute. Thanks very much. Lynne from OZ
Just soooooooooo cute cute cute!!!
Karon said…
He is so so cute Naomi - thank you - I have a friends little boy turning 2 in a few months and I already have an idea for the card! Thanks so much.
Lisa said…
Oh my gosh, Lolly is so stinkin' adorable!! What a cutie!! He makes me smile :) Have a great day :)

A Mermaid's Crafts
He's adorable! Thanks so much for sharing!
Creative M said…
Thank you my friend!
Sending bloggie love to you,Micheal,Troy,
Silverbutterfly said…
So adorable, thanks..

I remember coming here & being one of the first to sign up on your blog. Now I come here & you have way more people than me & SO many great friends. I am so proud of you. You are doing well my Friend. Thanks for the cute puppy. I hope you feel the love from all of your "cyber" friends! :)
yyam said…
Hehe....what a cutie! :)
Sandie Edwards said…
Naomi, he is very cute - can see coloured, tiny bow in hair, hanging over the edge of a round die-cut, flowers, grass borders - arrhhh I need more time in my day/week/year/life... lol

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