Freebie - "Meet the Flockers"

Hello everyone.  It is Lisa here to provide you with this week's freebie.  If you missed the post I created to explain my presence (you can find it HERE), but in short, I'm just here to help Naomi out a bit until she gets back on her feet by providing all her loyal readers with her weekly freebies.

This week we have "Meet the Flockers".  When Naomi sent me the image for this week's freebie, she left it up to me to name it.  I thought and thought and the word flock just kept popping up and I knew I wanted to use it somehow but make it funny.  Then it just came to me.  "Meet the Flockers".  Perfect!  Now for those of you who don't get the pun, I created a variation based on the name of a 2004 American comedy film called "Meet the Fockers".  Anyways, 'nuff said.  It is time to actually meet the Flocker family.

To get this week's freebie, just left click on the image to bring it up in its full size, then right click and choose 'save as'.  Update:  This image is no longer available for free.  You can now find Mortimer in the store.

Here is the card I created to show off this wonderful new image...

If you would like to see the inside and/or the details for this card you can head on over to my blog and check out my post HERE.

Here is the fantastic card that Vicky from Crafting Vicky took the time to create...

Vicky took the approach of making a bon voyage card and did a fantastic job doing it.  If you would like to see the details on this card you can head on over to Vicky's blog.

Now this week I also got Ike from Ike's World to do some magic and she came up these incredible creations...
Welcome to Flocker Island, here is a closer peek at those colourful birds...

Ike also managed to pull off a card too.  She went with the same kind of idea that Vicky did and created a bon voyage card.

Ike did an amazing job, don't ya think?  If you would like to see the details on this card you can head on over to Ike's blog.

If you are here Naomi, it's time to STOP reading!

Okay, now that we've sent her away, I just wanted to let you know that there is still time to participate in the card drive for Naomi.  You can find all the details you need in the last post.  Clicking  HERE will take you to it.

Thanks for stopping by everyone and a very special thank you to Vicky and Ike who helped me out by creating some fantastic projects to showcase Naomi's fabulous image.  I'll hopefully be back Saturday to provide you all with a sneak peek of next week's freebie and an update on Naomi's condition if there is any change, so I hope to see you all then!

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ike said…
They look fabulous Lisa - I think Naomi would be pleased with us :-D
IKE xxxx
Naomi Edwards said…
Wow Wow Wow you rocked this digi girls, I couldn't be any more pleased, eeeek!!!! Lisa the name is so perfect. I miss you all so much and I am happy to say that I feel like I am on the mend more times than not.. I am hoping to be back very very very very soon!! Lisa you are so amazing to being so comitted as a friend to have my back this way and I will ever be grateful, love you bunches...Hugs
Oh and yes I stopped reading again, I don't know where the will power is coming from!!! LOL
jessica said…
What cute cute digi's and everyone did an awesome job with their projects!!
Hoping you are feeling better Naomi! We miss you here in bloggy land :)
Great image and great name Lisa. Hope you feel better really soon Naomi. Hugs, Jen xx
Lisa you are doing a fabulous job at keeping the seat warm for Naomi! And hopefully Naomi you will be back soon stronger than ever!!!
Mary Ann said…
WOW!Lisa you are doing a great job!All are Super!Naomi glad to hear you are doing better!Have a Blessed one!
LOVING the name for them!! Soooooooooooo cute and love love love what everyone created with them! ADORABLE!!!
Lilla in AL said…
What a team! Cute image and great name. Thank you both.
Av said…
ROFL - many thanks :)great work eveyone
Lisa said…
Wow, all of the projects are just fabulous!! The image is so adorable!! Everyone did an awesome job!!

A Mermaid's Crafts
hugs to Naomi for the fabulous freebie and to Lisa for posting! You are an awesome team!!
sorry, hit publish too soon . . . meant to say awesome inspiration by the girls too - love the projects showcasing this image!
Karon said…
Fabulous digi and great projects everyone. Thinking positive thoughts for you Naomi. Hugs, Karon.
Jacq said…
Super cute name for super cute image! Well done Lisa for keeping things going for Naomi, fabulous cards and Ike's Flocker Island is incredible!
Speedy recovery Naomi, come back soon. :)

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