July 6, 2013

Saturday Sneak Peek

I hope that this Saturday finds you happy and living life to its fullest wherever you are in the world.  For those of you in the USA I hope you are enjoying this nice long Independence Day weekend.

Time to take a gander at the newest sneak peek as we gear up to unveil the latest new release coming out on Thursday.

Sadly, we only had two people sign up to try and win the last new release.  So, instead of a draw, I am just going to go ahead and award Bringing Balloons to the two people who took the time to participate.

Please send me an email by clicking HERE with the subject "BRINGING BALLOONS" and I'll send you both a copy of Naomi's fab new image perfect for any card where a celebration of some sort is necessary.

Now you all know that this month we have the Bug Brigade firmly en-route so you have a major clue as to what the image will be.  You just have to guess what kind of bug and the scenario he or she is in.  You know I love to see your guesses no matter how outrageous they are!  So, let's see what you come up with this time!  Offer up your guesses of the overall design by Wednesday at 12:00 pm EST to be eligible to receive a special treat.

I will be attempting once again to give you all the opportunity to win a new release so stay tuned on Thursday for further details.

Until then, have a wonderful week everyone!


Vicky F. AKA Crafting Vicky said...

hmmm looks like a bug with either rain boots to jump into puddles because of all the rain that we have been having... or it's a bug with some cowboy boots ready for a hoedown lol

Vicky F. AKA Crafting Vicky said...

ohhh and forgot to say thank you for the great image! Sorry that there wasn't more participants! They don't know what they missed. I have sent the e-mail. Hugs Vicky

ike said...

Hmmmmm !!! Let's see... I think it is a Lady Bug wearing her wellington boots coz of all the rain @-D

I am about to email for my Balloons man :-) Thank you x

IKE xxxxxxxxxxxx

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Man... I wish I was a good guesser! LOL!!

Lisa said...

Those look like cowboy boots, so I'm guessing a cowboy caterpillar :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

Stephanie said...

Looks like a caterpillar marching in a parade. I would have signed up last time but when I went to find where Naomi's button was I couldn't find where to comment again.

Anonymous said...

Wow, those are already great guesses. I was thinking cowboy boots but now I'm going to go with rain boots for a caterpillar. :) LOL Hugs~Patti

Made by Mandy said...

Definitely looks like a very fashionable ladybird wearing her welly boots. We are currently basking in a heatwave in the UK and after all the rain and flooding we have had this year it is a welcome relief. Of course they will be saying the drought word sooner rather than later so they will have something else weather related to moan about. Of course this all pales into insignificance when you see how bad the flooding has been in Canada and the US but the British really do like to moan about the weather and are never happy LOL

Love Mandy xxx

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