August 22, 2013

Bit by the Bug Beginnings: Another Bug is Born

Welcome to...

For the next six weeks, get ready to go ape as we present Mega Monkey Mania.  Naomi has been hard at work and has come up with a new line of images.  You are about to meet a rather neat family of sock monkeys.  First up, I am excited to introduce you to:


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Did you know that sock monkeys have been around since the late 1800's?

In 1869, a Swedish immigrant to the US named John Nelson patented the sock-knitting machine and began manufacturing work socks in Rockford, Illinois in 1890.   These socks were unique as they were able to be manufactured without seams in the heel.  These seamless work socks became in such demand that other companies decided to get in on the action and soon the market was flooded with socks of this type which became known under the generic term "Rockfords".  In 1932, the Nelson Knitting company added the trademarked red heel to its product in an effort to assure its customers that they were buying "original Rockfords".   It was the addition of the red heel that gave the sock monkeys their characteristic mouth. 

During the Great Depression, when toys were way too expensive and fabric was difficult to obtain, sock monkeys became extremely popular. Women would take an old pair of these unique work socks and make sock monkeys.  Each sock became as unique as its creator and the children for whom they were made.  Some used buttons for eyes, other simple embroidery.  If there was enough spare material around some of these unique monkeys ended up with little outfits. Many of the monkeys were stuffed with old nylon stockings and then during WWII, some were actually stuffed with newspaper.  Sock monkeys have evolved throughout the years.  Next week I'll share some more of their history with you.

Here is a card that Suze from Craftysuze made for inspiration!!

 There is no monkey business going on here!  Suze has created the sweetest little card, perfect for any little girl.  Everything is pretty in pink which suits Malia just fine since it is her favourite colour!  For more details on this card please head on over to Suze's blog (link above card); however, since my addled brain can't tell time, her post actually won't be out for another 1/2 hour (5:00 AST).  Whoops!  That is what happens when you are sick and can't account for the time difference between provinces!

Sneak peek guesses...

Apparently I get another week off from creating treats for sneak peek winners.  While we had some really great guesses this past week, many involving duck bills, I'm afraid that no one was correct.  This is actually a blessing in disguise for me this week as I am rather ill with a virus at the moment and am spending as much time resting as possible.  However, even though no one guessed correctly, I hope that you will all keep trying.  Reading your guesses is always one of the highlights of my week.  Now for Saturday, I suppose I am going to have to come up with something else to ask you, since you already know it is going to be a monkey.

Now, it is your chance to win a copy of this cute little monkey...

It is time once again to try and give away a few copies of this sweet new release.  To be eligible, just leave me a comment letting me know whether you grew up with a sock monkey or have ever made one for a special child in your life.  Malia would be adorable on any card and would definitely bring a smile to the recipient, so what is stopping you from entering!

Winners will be announced on September 5th, when it will be time for the next new release!!!!

Which brings me to the winner of the last new release.  To be eligible to win a copy of the last new release. Moments with Mom, I had asked you to leave me a comment letting me know how the image made you feel or the memories it invoked.  Out of all the comments, five people were eligible and I thank each of you for sharing your precious thoughts and memories with me.  So I am pleased to say that the following person has won the image...

(names were chosen using a random name generator at Mini Web Tool)

Please contact me by clicking HERE with the subject heading 'Image Win:  Moments with Mom' to get your copy of Naomi's sweet image from the last release.

Now Mega Monkey Mania would not be the same without a joke so here goes:

 Q:  Why did the monkey like the banana?
A:  Because it had appeal!

Well, that is it for me today.  It is time for me to crawl back into my nice comfy bed.  Please come back and visit with me on Saturday (hopefully!) when I show a sneak peek of this coming Tuesday's newest freebie. 

Until then, have a fantastic couple days and good luck everyone!


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Wendy L said...

I never knew that sock monkeys were a real thing I just thought they were a puppet thing made by Mums, LOL. xxx

Crafting Vicky said...

Fun to know more about sock monkeys! I never had the chance to have one... and never made one either for my kids lol Fabulous card!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I never knew the history of the sock monkey! How cool on how he got his start! LOVING your card!! LOVEEEEEEEEE him in pink and loving the glittered '7'!!!

KT Fit Kitty said...

Hope you feel better soon, Lisa! I have never owned a sock monkey, nor have I made one. Thanks for the chance to win this cutie!

Take care,
KT Fit Kitty

Lisa said...

What an adorable image!! Malia is so cute!! And the card is fabulous!! Have a great day :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

Anonymous said...

I have always loved sock monkeys. I don't remember having one & although I have planned to make one I never have. I know several years back when they became very popular in scrapbooking I had a friend who loved them & I sent her as much as I could find! :) You really got us this time. LOL I adore the card. Suze did a fantastic job! I hope you feel better soon. I am missing you. Hugs & prayers~Patti

Iris said...

I had a sock monkey when I was a girl. It was made by one of my Mom's coworkers. When I got too old for it, I donated it to a group collecting toys for needy children. I missed it so now, as an adult, I have a small collection of both old and new sock monkeys. Love them.

MonkingsMusings said...

Hope you are soon feeling better. I never got a sock monkey even though I asked for one many times. I bought a sock puppy for my son. He had a choice between the money and the puppy and he took the puppy and we bought the monkey for one of my husbands grand daughters. Thanks for the chance.

Edwina said...

I never knew what a sock monkey was till I was in my 30's. no I never made one. I think they are cute. I have a friend with the nickname sock monkey. Edwina Brown

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