Mega Monkey Mania Continues wth the Latest Saturday Sneak Peek

Oops!  Apparently I don't know how many days are in the month of August anymore because for some reason I thought that last week was the final sneak peek in August.  I'll blame it on the virus that has been raging in my system for two weeks now.  So let's try that again...

Welcome to the final final sneak peek of August! ;O)  We are at the midway point in celebrating Mega Monkey Mania over here as I'm about to reveal the third image of six.  We've met two monkeys so far, a set of siblings, Malia and Mortimer.  We've also been learning all about sock monkeys.  If you'd like to start at the beginning to catch up click HERE

So once again, you already know what the image is going to be.  So, in keeping with the last sneak peek I'm going to have you do some different guessing.  However, before we start let's behold what the latest monkey is going to look like...

So I have three questions for you to ponder over the next four days.
  1. What sex do you think this money will be?
  2. What do you think the name of the monkey will be?  I'll give you a hint:  Once again, it starts with M.
  3. What relationship will this monkey be to the other two (i.e., parent, sibling, cousin, in-law, etc)?
If you get ONE of these questions correct, I'll send you off a sentiment.  If you answer TWO of them correctly, I'll add a digital paper to the mix.  If you actually answer all THREE correctly, there will be another bonus in it for you.  Offer up your guesses by Wednesday at 12:00 noon EST in a comment on this post to be eligible.

 there is still time to sign up for your chance to win Naomi's latest new release:  Malia!  Click HERE to find out how.

don't forget that our DT call is on right now and we'd love to see you enter!  You can find out all the details by going HERE!

Have a fun filled crafty weekend my friends!  See you all on Thursday for the reveal.


Fit Kitty said…
Hi there, I love playing along...

1. Male
2. Mitch
3. Baby brother

Enjoy your weekend!
Sooooooooo cute! I want her to be a girl! :)
Iris said…
1. Male
2. Marty
3. Sibling
Edwina said…
A girl monkey named Molly McSparkle who is a cousin. Edwina Brown
Lisa said…
Let's see...I'm going to guess male, Malcolm and a Dad :)

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