October 5, 2013

Update - Michael and I

Hello my beautiful friends
I am sneaking in before Michael wakes up to let you all know that we are good, we are thankful that the pain is starting to subside and Michael is able to be himself for the better part of the day.
He is quite a trooper and has endured a lot of changes which he is taking really well.
Michael did have complications after the surgery where they had to open the cast on both sides and let the swelling go down...we stayed in the hospital a little longer than planned and the process of healing is also slower than anticipated... they say everyone is different and where Michael had so much work done to his right foot it could take longer..He has two incisions on both feet , the nerves also had to be stretched which is causing a tingling, pins and needles off and on all day, Michael does not deal with this part very well.
Our community has come together to build a ramp for Michael, "Home Hardware" is providing the materials and hiring a contractor to get the job done.... I was blown away, I live in the best town with beautiful people.(Can't help being bias at this point)
I hope you are all doing well, I miss you all and can't wait for everything to be somewhat normal again, thank you all for your amazing support...lots of love
Here are a few pictures...
Michael's Grade 5 class walked to our house one day to see Michael, you could only imagine how touched we were:
There were 25 of us!!!
Michael was trying on all sorts of hats as he waited in the playroom at the IWK Hospital to see Poochie , a sweet little dog that will keep you company as you sleep.

Michael doing his Thumbs UP which everybody seems to know to my surprise, a simple walk up the street and Michael got at least 6 thumbs up from people I don't even know, lol
This pic was taken on the ferry that took us to Nova Scotia, both the trip over and back was very pleasant, I was amazed at how everybody helped ... they met us at our car with a wheelchair for Michael, set him up watching cartoons at the terminal and we were told to use our 4 way flashers as we drove on the Ferry so we would receive the perfect parking spot for wheelchair use and lots of help! They were amazing!!!!
Before I go I have to say something about my beautiful friend Kelly who was my rock during this trip... God blesses us with friends and then with special friends, Kelly certainly is the later.... I couldn't have gone through all of this so well without her. I am surprised at how good I feel, there was a peace throughout this whole experience even as Michael screamed for 2 and a half hours... something I can't explain ... 
Life is awesome my peeps even when we have BIG challenges,
my advice to anyone going through something big or small would be:
Stop resisting what is... it only causes more conflict in your mind  

Have a super day and I hope to be back real soon!!!!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

So HAPPY to hear that he is doing well!!!! I loveeeeeee the photos .. the one of the two of you just warms my heart!!!!!

D- said...

I am so happy to hear things are going well. It is never easy to see our babies go through pain even when we know they will come out of the other end so much happier. Please take care of yourself as well. I'm glad you have such supportive friends and community. Your story touched my heart. Thanks for the inspiration.
Crafty hugs,

KT Fit Kitty said...

I appreciate the update - I've been wondering how everything has been going. Glad Michael is doing well.

Nana said...

Thumbs up to you Michael. You hang in there sweetie. Know that you have many that love you.


Suze said...

Thanks for the update Naomi. You do have such a wonderful caring community - I would be biased too if I was in your shoes! Great to hear that Michael is doing well. Take care. Hugs, Suze

Edwina said...

hi Namoi, I am so glad you are doing okay. My thoughts are coming up to you from New Jersey USA. So wonderful all the help you were given. I can only imagine how you felt on the ferry. I was on one once and scared to death as I knew I could not save my husband or myself. These experiences of life will make us stronger and a better person if we let it. Sending Michale a thumbs up and a Get well soon. Edwina Brown

Karon said...

So glad to hear that Michael is doing well and that you are coping too :-) Hugs, Karon.

Decosse's Dynamite Doodles said...

You know my love and support are with you always my dearest friend. So happy to hear that the community is rallying behind you and that the ramp costs will not be coming out of pocket. I miss you more than you have any idea and can't wait until things settle a bit so we can have a nice long catch up!

Much love,

Unknown said...

I am so glad to hear that Michael is doing well, just remember to look after you too. Thank you for the catch up on how everything is going. Hugs, Jen x
Krafty Keepsakes

Karen said...

Oh Naomi, I am so happy to read this progress report on sweet Michael. He is such a brave little toaster! :o) He is doing beautifully, strengthened by our dear Lord and his loving mom... he is blessed to have you. I love your pictures. It's nice to see that Michael is truly engulfed in love during this trial. He will persevere, as will you, and I am sending you extra love to help during the journey! :o) God and I love you, my dear friend!

Hugs and blessings!

Crafting Vicky said...

So very glad that he is doing better. That's a lot of pain for a little guy to go through!!!

Sherrie K. said...

So glad to hear that Michael is doing well. How sweet of the community to pull together and build a ramp for Michael! Wow, that is so awesome Naomi!
Keep you chin up and give Michael a big hug. We are thinking of you and continue to pray for a quick recovery.
Sherrie K

Lisa said...

My sweet friend, I am so glad Michael is doing well!! I am sorry he had so much pain :( What an amazing community you live in!! The pictures are so adorable...he's such a sweetie!!

I just returned home from vacation so I'm sorry I couldn't stop by sooner. But know that you are both in my prayers...I hope he continues to feel better each day!!

Huge hugs, Lisa
A Mermaid's Crafts

ike said...

Such lovely photos and I am so glad you are back safe and that Michael is doing well. What a wonderful community you have too to rally round you :-D Marvelous xxxxxxxxxxx

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