November 14, 2013

Bit by the Bug Beginnings: Another Bug is Born

Welcome everyone!  It is time for another new release.

As I peek over my left shoulder there is a full moon high in the sky tonight.  The perfect kind of night where you might find an owl hooting its call.  It is also the perfect kind of night to be showcasing Naomi's latest release.  Mind you by the time this post goes out in three hours that moon and most owls will be on their way to saying goodnight; however, this owl will still be here.

Owl Scenery Simplified

Now if this image looks at all familiar to you, that is because Naomi has a similar one in the store.  The one is the store has a little more going on in it.  There is a smiling sun, a tree and some other stuff here and there (if you'd like to see that original one you can click HERE).  Naomi decided to eliminate all the extras and simplify things a bit and ended up with what you see above.

Now let's check out what one of our DT came up with to showcase Naomi's simplified owl scene...

Suze has made great bold colour choices in this particular creation.  The owl looks right at home amid those little mushroom houses.  Off centreing the image gives it a unique look and the addition of some twine and some funky flowers gives it just the right touch.  You can check out the details of this creation over on Suze's blog, Craftysuze.

Sneak peek guesses...
Okay, so while a couple people didn't exactly come up with the entire scene, they did allude to some little mushroom houses; so, I'm going to be nice this week and award a goody to anyone who did mention this in their comment.  So, Ike & Edwina, please send me an email by clicking HERE with the subject heading 'CBD Sneak Peek: Owl Scenery' and I'll send you off the digital paper displayed below. Okay so it doesn't have an owl on it but there is a rather large mushroom house.  Please note that it might take me a few days to get back to you though, so I appreciate your patience.

Now, it is your chance to win a copy of this simplified owl scene...
It is time once again to try and give away a copy or two of Naomi's newest release.  As the nights become cooler, what is your favourite thing about the transition from fall to winter?  I'd love to hear your thoughts.  Leave a comment ON THIS POST by noon on November 27th, in order to have your chance at winning this image.

Winners will be announced on November 28th when the next new release is issued!
Which brings me to the winner of the last new release.  Sorry it has taken so long to announce the winner of the witch naming contest but I needed to confer with Naomi first, and well we all know how full her hands have been these past few months.  However, we did finally manage to talk about it, and so I'd like to introduce you to...

Twinkle Toes

The name Twinkle Toes was submitted by Diana.  Now I wasn't able to confirm that Diana is a follower through Google Friends Connect so if you are out there Diana, before you can claim the prize you must let me know how you are following and if you are following by email or Bloglovin, we'll also need you to follow by Google.  Once that business is out of the way I'll be able to send you your prize package of Twinkle Toes, Pumkin Kins AND an image of your choice from the Hallowe'en section in the store PLUS some other Hallowe'en goodies that I am throwing in.  This way you'll be all set to make some awesome Hallowe'en cards next year.  So, Diana, please contact me by clicking HERE and sending me an email with the subject, "CBD Twinkle Toes Winner".

I had also said that there might be other goodies available, depending on the number of people who submitted answers.  To say thank you to the rest of you who submitted a name idea I have a little goody for you too.  A total of seven of you submitted ideas for the witch's name so the remaining six of you...

Julie Tucker-Wolek
 Fit Kitty
...are more than welcome to contact me to receive the following digital paper...
The six of you can contact me by clicking HERE with the subject heading 'CBD Twinkle Toes Runner Up' to get a copy of the above DP.  Like I mentioned above, it might take me a few days to get back to you,  so I appreciate your patience.
Now you can't go without this week's joke for the kid in all of us:

 Q:  What is a barn owl's favourite party food?
Mush'Shrew'm 'Vole'avaunts and Micecream.
We've got just one more image to go before we start a brand new theme.  So please join me on Saturday when it is time to show the next peek.  Until then, have a fantastic couple days and good luck everyone!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Soooooooo cute cute cute!! LOVING that owl!!!! And loving the joke too!!! LOL!!!

KT Fit Kitty said...

Aw, that new owl and mushroom village image is so sweet - I never would have guessed it!

I love the new name for your witch - Twinkle Toes - that's a perfect choice! Thank you for offering us the paper just for making a suggestion - you are very good to us! I will email you - I like that paper!

Now as for the question: This is a difficult one because I don't like winter at all! But if I had to pick a favourite part of the transition from fall to winter, it would be wearing my cozy winter clothes. Other than that, I plan to hibernate until next spring LOL.

Thanks again for a bit of fun!

Edwina said...

My favorite Transition from Fall to winter. People getting ready for the Holidays from Thanksgiving to Christmas. I love the joy, the lights, and the cards, the family and friends. Edwina Brown
PS. I love the simplified version of the Owl Scene. I loved the original one too.

ike said...

Too cute owl - excellent :-) Thank you for my Runner up placing too :-D xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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