March 4, 2014

Winner Announcement of Latest New Release: Budding Love

Hello everyone,

I'm sorry that I am running a bit late today getting this out but I have been working all afternoon on making sure everything is all set for our challenge which starts tomorrow.  More on that in a moment.

First it is time to announce the winner of the last new release.  Since our regular format is changing up to accommodate our month long challenge, I had said last week that I would announce the winner in a special post today.  In order to have your name in the running to win a copy of Budding Love, I had wanted you to think of one person that means a lot to you and then to tell me one special thing about them.  Five people answered.  I was extremely touched that each of you shared such incredible stories of love.  Thank you so much for that.  There is lots of love out there and it is nice to see.  Now, I might get fired again but I have decided that each of the five people who responded will get a copy of Budding Love.  No random draw this week!  Now for my turn to share.  It was eerie how much I have in common with one of you.  The person I love most in this world is my amazing husband.  He is 17 years older than I am.  We were never blessed with children but have always stood by and supported each other through the many trials that we have had to face in our 24 years of marriage (soon to be 25!).  When I became disabled he became my rock and helped to lift me out from a very bad place.  Even though technically he is a year from the normal retirement age, he continues to go out and work to take care of us and will continue to do so until he is no longer capable.  He takes care of me and does so much to take care of our home since I am no longer physically able to.  He puts up with me and my crafting and blogging and never complains because he wants to see me happy knowing I have found a sense of true worth and meaning after over 12 years without feeling any purpose.  He is by far the most incredible man I have ever met and there are no words to express just how much I love him.

So, the following people have won a copy of the last new release, Budding Love...

KT Fit Kitty
Sue K.
April R.

Ladies, please contact me by clicking HERE with the subject heading 'Budding Love' to get your copy.  It might take me a few days to get back to you, so I appreciate your patience.

 Don't Forget...

  Tomorrow we celebrate the relaunch of Creative Bug Digital SnapShots and are having our very first challenge to celebrate.  We hope that you will come and join us.  You will find all the details you need to participate in tomorrow morning's post.  

See you then!!!!!   


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Congrats everyone!!!!

Judith Taylor - Wright said...

Morning Lisa and congrats to the winners x

KT Fit Kitty said...

Your husband sounds awesome, Lisa, brought tears to my eyes! Thank you for the win - I will email you later - heading out now. Congrats to the other winners!

Creative M said...

Congrats winners!!
Have a wonderful day,
*Crafting With Creative M*

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