January 18, 2012

Sweet & Elegant Valentines Card

I am learning to master making paper roses and I am having a blast doing it. They say that everything is easy when you know how...well that phrase couldn't be more right.
If you are interested in learning how to make these roses, the lovely Christina over at card-making-magic.com has a video tutorial and like all other video tutorials she nails it!

 What I prefer about Christina Video tutorials over other tutorials is Christina has relaxing music that doesn't distract you, also Christina is relaxed, it shows in her voice tone and she is super clear on what to do.
In this particular video she even offers an alternative if you don't have a certain flower punch....that's right, you don't need a punch at all, instead she will teach you how to make a template the once where you can use it over and over, that is how I am doing it until I can purchase a punch. Be sure to check out other video tutorials, there is defiantly no shortage of them! Here is the link to make the paper roses:

Today I am showing you the best card (I think!) I have ever made: if you are wondering how I made the background , well! it just so happens I have another link to share with you!!! It was posted by Melanie over at Fantabulous Cricut under Quick Tip Tuesdays,  I just couldn't wait to try it out! It is titled Using Ink on Vellum.

Isn't my rose beautiful!!!!  As I was making the rose, in one step it called for cutting out one petal...when I did this I thought this looks just like a butterfly!!! I then made another template smaller than the first then cut out the one petal and layered it on top of the bigger one and voila , a butterfly!!!! To get the antenna's I curled the petal that was cut out with a toothpick, glued it shut then cut half way down the center. I dipped it in my "glue and seal" glue and dipped it in Glitter. You will see a better image down below. Go to the link above to get to the "using ink on vellum" tutorial which is what I did for the background.

Here I managed to capture the shimmer!!, first I brushed on "Glue and Seal" glue then covered it with "Sugar Cube" glitter by Martha Steward


 Thanks for visiting and I hope this will get you inspired to start doing your sweetheart cards!



AmyJRockstar said...

Well hello lovely lady! OMG this is just gorgeous!!! I am so happy you used Melanie's tip. I'm gonna email her right now. ;) I am also going to check out the tutorial on how to make these! This would be fun to do when I'm in bed, unable to do much else. I've been looking for things I can do with just a little tray of supplies by my bed. :) That rose is so realistic looking and look at you go with the awesome butterfly too! Thanks so much for checking in on me and all my goings-on. I just love reading your comments! Off to check out that tutorial!

Thanks Love!
XO ~ Amy Jo

FCCB Coordinator

Melanie Makes said...

Thanks for showcasing my Quick Tip Tuesday over at FCCB. Your rose is lovely and I will have to check out your links.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww! This is STUNNING! I loveeeeeeeeeee that rose, the glitter, the inking and loving the lace!! Elegant for sure! :):):):):):):):):):):):)

Christina said...

You're roses are really beautiful and the finished card look lovely. It is such a pity that the camera never does the cards justice but they are sure to please anybody that is lucky enough to get one. Thank you for the link back to my website and your lovely comments.

AmyJRockstar said...

Hey Lovely! I was reading your sweet comment and just wanted to clarify... That was ONE of my first cards, not my first and I started blogging a little over a year ago... I just didn't start organizing my files until three months into it or so... LOL :) Thanks for stopping by and checking out my projects! I'll have a better one tomorrow. I'm in the process of designing it now. :0) Hope to see you 2moro Sweets!

XO ~ Amy Jo

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