February 9, 2012

Free Wee Shy boy digital

I can't believe it is Thursday already! Time flies when you are having fun or working really hard, I am truly loving this new avenue I have taken creating digitals and yes I have another one for you , this is my favorite so far. It is surprising how much I am learning through Illustrator CS4 just playing around as opposed to having taken a course, of course the course helped out immensely! lol . A bit of a tounge twister there!

You may have noticed I have mentioned Christina's blog or Website many times lately and that is because we have joined forces. Christina mezmorizes me with her talent and I am proud to call her my friend. Again Christine will be doing a card with this cute little boy on it, how she whips them together so fast I will never know and yet so beautiful. Visit Christine here to see this image used on a card and don't forget, I really would love to see what you make!

Happy Card Making!

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