July 13, 2012

Scraproom progress

Just dropped in to give you the low down on the progress of my scraproom! Yesterday I started but today I had to start over, the white paint I wanted wasn't that white, it had a green hue to it so today I went to the Hardware Store and got what I wanted and it is going on really nice.

I have all the edges and corners done and half of the walls in one coat of white paint, boys am I ever getting a work out, I suspect I will need lots of love and care once this is done, hehe! Just kidding , it feels so good to be this active, I actually broke a sweat!

Ok so the original room doesn't look that good at all and the color is really ugly, to top it off it is paneling, ICK!!!! Oh well, I have to work with what is there and I am too happy to finally have a space to craft so I will be grateful for what I have.

Ugly Space, I am almost to embarrassed to show it!!! The rest of the house is SOOOOO much nicer I assure you , lol (embarrassing chuckle) Just ask Christina!!!

This is one of the walls with one coat

This was the green I was telling you about... It looks really green against the white!!

Last evening Michael and I and Troy had a very fun time at the beach, here are a couple of  pictures of our adventure.

Michael built sand castles most of the evening and I roasted marshmallows, just look at how focused I was making the marshmallow perfect, lol.. I was the only one in the roasting mood , just look at that bombfire!!!!!!,
I mean , can ya even see it?

Have a great day!


Melissa said...

Can't wait till it's finished!

Wendy L said...

Looks like you were all having fun in your own way. Love toasted marshmellows, mmmmm


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Great pics!!!! Your scraproom will be there before you know it!!! I love your bonfire! LOL!!! Toooooooooooo cute!!!

Christina said...

What a difference just by taking out the huge fridge. So much room you will not know what to do with it all xx

Christina said...

What a difference already just by taking away the huge fridge... you are going to have so much fun in that lovely room.... and the beach photos are great xx