Terrifically Talented Theresa!

Welcome back!

I have a real treat for you today! Today my blog entry has been made easier thanks to the treasure that I received yesterday from terrifically talented ten year old Theresa, she reached the cockles of my heart. This lovely surprise came from my friends daughter and my son's honorary big sister.

Materials used were all generic dollar store item with the exception of Creative Memories letters and personal fantastic artwork. I am so proud of her , show your love for this up and coming crafter!!!!

You see why I melted!!!

Just look at the detailed work!!! I love this outfit and made a big commotion about it, wouldn't you?

Show Theresa what Bloggy love is and leave a comment, she checks this blog daily and would be very to read  an positive reinforcment for her first blog entry.


jessica said…
awwww that is adorable!!!
Dr Sonia S V said…
Theresa your creativity is fabulous. Love how you have layered the flowers and Naomi you are one lucky lady to have such a young talented admirer giving you such a sweet card
Cheers from Bangalore, India
How cool is that?!?!?!?! I loveeeeeeeeeee the card she made!!!!
V Perkins said…
Theresa, you did a wonderful job! Keep up the good work. I love the colors and the layered flowers.
Christina said…
Oh! what a lovely card and Theresa you have done a great job with it.... I am not surprised Naomi melted. I remember how I felt when you gave me the lovely brooch on my visit to PEI. And this is a talent worth nurturing and I know Naomi will help wherever she can xxx
sophiesmama said…
Theresa, you did a FABULOUS job on Naomi's card! I love the outfit, and the flower just makes this card so very special! Naomi, you are so lucky to have talented Miss Theresa make this wonderful card for you! TFS ladies!
Big Hugs,
Stephanie said…
Theresa, great job! Love your drawing and coloring. Very pretty flower too. No wonder Naomi is proud of you. You are terrific.
Fantastic job Theresa! I love the outfit. Miss Naomi is lucky to have you for a friend!



Karen H said…
Theresa, you are one talented cookie! :o) The layered flowers are so beautiful and I just love your terrific image. Our dear Naomi will treasure this forever! :o) (Naomi, I am SO excited that your gorgeous card has been posted! Can you feel the love?! YAY!)

Hugs and blessings to you both!
Kathy E said…
Theresa, What a lovely card! You did a terrific job -- keep on making beautiful things like that! Naomi, you are indeed so blessed to have this young lady in your life!
Kathy E said…
Theresa, what a beautiful card! You did such a great job on it, and I can feel the love you sent Naomi! Keep on creating beautiful things, okay? Naomi, you are certainly blessed to have this young crafter in your life!

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