First of all I am praying for all that is effected by Sandy, I pray all my bloggy friends are safe and sound.
Today I am excited to share with you a layout my twin sister made!!!! This is Norma's first ever scrapbooking page, she called this album  Art scrapbook and this realistic cute dog is one of many drawings to come.. I am so proud of her for allowing me this fantastic work of art  to  my favorite people in the world. YOU!  Leave Norma some bloggy love and show her how it feels!! 

Also it is that time again , a free digital!!!


I have to give you an update on my online store....As you know the site is complete, the domain is bought..since then I have uploaded it with Filezilla  which allows all of you to see it on the web.... the sad news is that we are having a lot of technical difficulty therefore no one can view it yet..I have been on umpteen live chats with the host provider trying to sort it out,  they say the problem is with Internet explorer and gave me a few things to do..... I totally messed it up and now I have to go back a couple of steps to even get to the point of dealing with the real issue.... this has been very trying but I am certainly learning lots! Wish me luck pleaseeeee!!!  LOL

I got out of the Christmas and Halloween scene and decided to draw something totally unrelated to any holiday ... enjoy this really cute dog!!!!!

Oh and I can't draw any more digitals until I get a new tablet, mine broke yesterday... my my

Have a beautiful day and remember, we can always deal with anything in this very moment... so keep your mind from travelling forward and backward building and accumulating fears.


What a cute album, love the cover!! Glad that you are safe from that storm! Did P.E.I get it?? Hopefully your site will get fixed soon!! did you get my email??

jessica said…
What a great job she did! LOVE the drawing of the dog!!
TFS Naomi and have a GREAT day!!
So sorry about all the techy issues :( I love love love your Sisters page!!! That doggy is FABULOUS!! LOVE IT!!!
Such a cute start to the album. Love the dogs face. Hope you get you site sorted soon:-)
Christina said…
Love the dog you drew Naomi and Normas' scrapbook is excellent.... hope you are well and sorry to hear about the online store.... but I am sure you will sort it eventually xx
Lisa said…
Your sister did a fabulous job!! Wow, the dog is so awesome!! I love it!! Sorry about the issues you are having with the web page and your tablet :( Sending lots of positive thoughts your way!! Happy Tuesday :)

A Mermaid's Crafts
The dog you drew is fabulous! I adore it! I have changed from IE but I'm afraid to take it off my computer since it came with it. IE is the only thing that comes up on my virus scan as a problem. That concerns me. I am missing you so much but it looks like we are both busy. Dave & I have both been ill. Well actually still are. Your sister, hi Norma!, did a SUPER job on her scrapbook. Now, Norma, you need to get a blog of your own. Really!!! It is a super creative place whether or not anyone reads it! But if you have followers, that is an even bigger plus. Take care both of you! Give love to Michael! Mwah!
Creative M said…
I am so soory about your issue with the store and tablet.Adorable Digi.Please let Norma know that she did an Amazing job!!For her 1st scrapbook page,its beautiful!!!!
Sending a HUGE amount of bloggie love to you,Michael,and Norma,
yyam said…
Oh wow! That dog is fabulous Norma! Good job on your very first page! Many more to come I'm sure! :)
Karen said…
Norma did such a fantastic job!!! She's a natural with a beautiful creative spirit! (Just like someone else we know and love... hmmm...) I hope this is the first of MANY projects for her! :o) The sweet dog is absolutely adorable! I'm sorry about the technical hiccups, but I'm sure they'll be smoothed over quickly. :o)

Hugs and blessings!

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