January 7, 2013

Sharing The Moment Digital Scrapbooking Layout

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Happy Monday everyone!

 Did you all have a good weekend? My oldest son left this morning to go back to university , we all had so much fun while he was home for Christmas and all became addicted to Scrabble! There are always so many laughs.
 Today I am showing you something a little different coming from me. I had a photo that I had been wanting to put in a layout since July 1st, Michael's birthday and Canada Day. It was such an eventful day and we got to spend it with Christina and Griff  from the UK!!!! 
 Griff constantly took pictures or video taped ( which I had hoped would rub off on me) so this night I decided to join him.  I snapped many photos of Michael and his friend back on wrapped in a blanket, I actually took one of the best snapshots ever taken in my life!

  I haven't had much time to play around in Photoshop but over the weekend I did and here is what I came up with.  * Note - all is created by me, it is not a digital package. 

If I had Photoshop followers I would certainly fill you in on what I did to create this!!! If there is anyone who works with Photoshop let me know so I can create a tutorial in the future with another project, I would love to do that.

Did you get your free digital last week? If not go here ,today is the last day but I have a real cutie for you tomorrow!  Don't forget to visit my online store , my digitals are only 1 dollar!!!


jessica said...

What a gorgeous LO and I LOVE the picture you took of Michael! That is one incredible memory you captured!!!
Awesome job!!
TFS and happy Monday!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photo. You highlighted it perfectly.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

That looks AMAZING!! I loveeeeeeeeee that photo!! WOW!!

Karon said...

Fabulous LO and what an amazing photo Naomi. You really caught the moment. TFS and have a great week.

Valerie said...

what a cool picture and layout!

Lisa said...

Wow, this is amazing!! What a gorgeous photo!! And the layout is so awesome!! You did a fabulous job in Photoshop!! Happy Monday :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

Anonymous said...

That truly is an awesome pic & I love the lo. :)

Decosse's Dynamite Doodles said...

This is so cool. Fantastic job Naomi. Thanks for the sweetness you left on my blog today. My reply has been sent from my eastlink address to yours with the subject "Your Request". Let's hope you get this one! Oh, and how could I not have been following you? I was sure I had become a follower a LONG time ago but either your friends connect rejected me [it's fine I'm used to rejection ;O)] or my brain has become a little addled. Anyways, situation rectified. I have just become your 274th member--even though it says 275. What is it about friends connect that lists one more person than you actually have, or is that just me? Anyways, can't wait to hear what you have to say back!


Karen said...

My sweet friend, this is spectacular!!! Of course first I must mention the precious image... it is extraordinary. Filled with such love, awe, and peace... what a stunning memory. :o) And now about your photoshop work: Amazing!!! :o) You did such a marvelous job, not only technically but also creatively. The design is so pretty and the elements are so beautiful together. Gorgeous creation, my dear Naomi. You are such a blessing and it is a JOY to know you. :o) You bring so much love into my heart!!! :o) God and I love you to sparkly little pieces! :o)

Hugs and blessings!

Unknown said...

Oh arrhhh Naomi.... I haven't seen this side of you before now. What an amazing layout, and that photograph is just breath-taking. I would love photoshop, and did have it at one stage, but left it with my son when we moved. I couldn't work it out and too frustrated to sit for hours and read through the instructions that went right over my head. Sometimes, I don't know how I managed Uni! LOL

I am going to prowl some more through your pages, you are quite the multi-talented lady.... :-)

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