Another Side Of Me

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Happy Wednesday!!!
Today I am doing something different, I am letting you in on another side of me!
 Considering I have never used stitching on my cards or layouts you may find it surprising to know that I also sew! Truth be told my sewing machine has been in the basement since I moved so it has been a while, I think it is time to get it back out.
Here are a few projects I did, I learned to sew by myself so of course in the beginning it was...
 lets say a little rough around the edges but as with anything it becomes easy when you know how, lol
I started out doing pillows or couch pillows as some call them , towards the end of this creative adventure I was making one in a whopping seven betcha I timed it!!
From Casual Pillows
To Fun Pillows that could be hung

To sets which made great gifts

I am the type of person who cannot make the same type of anything over again  so I had to explore my options which resulted in making aprons
They started out simple (of course!)

To making the whole kit and kaboodle

That was short lived as well so I started to alter my jeans, trying to invent my own style (That didn't work out so well, lol)
You guessed it , I moved onto making curtains which seem to last longer than anything else I attemped, horray for me!! It lasted 1 whole month, hehe!
Back to pillows and I covered this whatchamacallit... don't know the name for it
and when this was out of my system I got serious and started to recover Sofa cushions , I did cottages and campers and loved every minute.  Then I found scrapbooking and fell in love all over again.
I hope you enjoyed getting to know a little more about me, tomorrow I am sharing my family with you!! 
Have a fantastic day!!


yyam said…
Well you are very talented indeed! These are amazing Naomi!
Just another facet of the ever shining Naomi Edwards! Thanks for sharing another of your talents with us.

Mary Ann said…
WOW!Great job,Have a good day...
ike said…
FABulous - these are all fantastic creations :-) I must admit my sewing machine mainly gets used now for cards and scrap pages :-D LoL xxx
Stephanie said…
Of course, you're multi-talented! I sew too, but I'd much rather do paper crafts. Loved your projects.
Lisa said…
You sew like you make cards - beautifully!! You are so talented my friend!! All of the projects are fabulous!! I'd love to be able to sew like you!! Happy Wednesday :)

A Mermaid's Crafts
Kathy E said…
I also recently have revisited my "first creative love" which was sewing, started long ago in my teens. I will admit to getting a new machine that embroiders, which brings a whole new level of fun to sewing. So glad to find that we are kindred spirits! your work is fabulous!
Wowwwwwwwwww!! You ROCK girl!!! WOW WOW WOW!!! These are all amazing!!! I have YET to figure out how to sew!! I just am too afraid I think and stick with sewing on my paper!! LOL!!
wow, wow, wow! i've been thinking of doing a few similar "other side of me" posts. great minds think alike, eh? look out for the first of mine either the end of this week, or beginning of next :)
I did love it. You need to make a quilt. I have the top of one made & need to find time to stop & put it all together. Perhaps I will share it with you one day! ;) Hugs~Patti
Wow a completely different facet of you! Awesome. I'm really impressed that you learned by yourself!!! I had the help of my MIL lol and yes I guess we go through phases... I used to sew, then did lots of cooking (including canning), did crochet (got fed up after doing a tablecloth for 2 years....) yup nice to try new things!!!
Jennifer said…
All of these creations are wonderful! I'm just like you, I rarely make the same thing twice.
jessica said…
How cool is this!! Thanks for sharing not only your gorgeous sewing but more about yourself!!!
Hope you had a GREAT hump day!
mamawcindy said…
That's Great! I have always wanted a Sewing Machine. Have you ever tried Crocheting? I've been doing that for a few months. It's a lot of Fun.
Happy Spring! :0)
Karon said…
Great post Naomi - love all the creations. I too do a little bit of sewing but nothing to show. I did fully reupholster a 3 seater sofa, 2 seater and a foot stool a couple of years ago:-)
Naomi you are one awesome talented Sweetie, I love your posts and your sharing with us. You are amazing. Love seeing these. hugs, Cathy K
Karen said…
My super sweet friend, these sewing projects are exquisite! You are so talented in so many ways.. it's such a joy to see this side of you, too. :o) Gorgeous creations and so beautifully done. I love pillows (the more, the merrier!) so that was especially fun for me to see! :o) I've only used my sewing machine for cards since I received it a little over a year ago, but have longed to sew *something* that isn't paper. ;) Eventually! Lots of love to you, my beautiful Naomi! :o)

Hugs and blessings!
Sandie Edwards said…
Wow, you certainly are multi-talented! I'm impressed!!! It is amazing what one can create with a bit of fabric and a machine. Love everything Naomi, you really are a sewing whiz too!
Creative M said…
WOW!!Creative & Talented!!You ROCK!!
Sending bloggie love to you, Michael & Troy,

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