March 22, 2013

Meet My Family!

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Before I get started I have to tell you I have tried everything under the sun trying to take my name out of the spot it is sitting and I just can't find a solution... so ignore the sign off on the 4th line , LOL

Happy Friday!!!!!!!
Today I am showing yet another side of me so you are getting the full dose!!
To start I bet most of you don't know that....

Overlooking my home town - "Marystown"

I moved at the age of 19 to come to Prince Edward Island which was 20 something years ago, (can't tell you my age now can I?)

 I was raised by the most beautiful person in the world, my mom and best friend.. I always tell her if I look even half as good as her at her age I will be the happiest girl alive, I have been saying it since I was a teenager... you will see why, take a looky and meet my mommy!!!!

 Take note of the Joy spirits!!!
Here are the three girls of the family

My mom and I- do we look alike? Hey? Hey?!!!!
(I need to know my future!! hehe!)
 My mom and Michael    
Blogger will no longer give me the option to make the pictures larger, anyone else having this prob?
Of course you all know Michael!!!
What a happy glicken!!!
My oldest son Ryan, the most beautiful gentle intelligent soul in the world,
(I'M NOT BIAS! get that out of your head!)
Ryan is in University majoring in Biology and decided that he doesn't like it so now he is taking a Phyc course thinking of the option of being a physcologist for men in the army... I am super proud of him. He is gorgeous too, LOL  They all are!!!
 Here is Troy!!  So many of you heard of him but have never been able to put a face to him.... ok.......ya still can't I know........ but you at least have an idea.... he is a hard man to convince to have a snapshot taken, he knows me so well I can't even sneak one but what can he do when I am inside and he is outside? , you gotta have clean windows!!

My Brother Dino and my nephew Peyton at my mom's house, I could just squeeze the cheeks right of him
 ( that's the Newfie coming out) 
My brother Jamie with his new slickster hairstyle , picture him with dark hair and you will get the look God gave him, black to white was quite a shock to us, hahahaha , then again he would look good in purple hair with green polkadots.. yeah he's gorgeous too, (winks)
A collage for y'all
  and another

My youngest brother Gregory and his girlfriend Janelle...

These are the people I love
Hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little more, I hope that you will all do the same!!

Off to make Peanut Butter Cookies with Michael, I will defiantly let you know how it turned out seeing I am letting Michael do everything, even crack the egg!!!!  Imagine!!!

Sign off should be here, pretend you see it...
Have a super day!!!!!


ike said...

Oh how cool - there's loads of you :-D Great to meet the family :-)
Hope the cookies come out well..... bagsy I can lick the bowl ?!!! LoL xxx

ike said...

Oh yeah - forgot to ask.... when you say you 'Pinned' my Freebies this week... what does that mean ?? Pinned them where ????

Stephanie said...

Hi, everyone. Beautiful family, Naomi.

Mary Ann said...

Love your photos,Beautiful family,Beautiful person,With a great personality,Have a Blessed Day...

Lisa said...

What a gorgeous family you have, Naomi!! Your Mom is beautiful!! I really enjoyed the pictures and getting to know this side of you!! Thanks for sharing!! I hope you have a wonderful Friday my friend :)

Hugs, Lisa
A Mermaid's Crafts

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

How fun to see inside your family!! LOVING the pics!!!

Sandie Edwards said...

It was lovely seeing all the 'family' photographs, but you missed one .... 'ME' .... LOL
I'm heart-broken, back of hand to forehead, dramatic - drama queen sigh.
You have a beautiful family, love the photograph of you with your twin and Mum - you all certainly look alike. I must be the black sheep!! :-)

Enjoy those cookies Michael, eat an extra one for me. Let Michael know that Jesse loves cracking eggs on the kitchen bench and watching them splat. Getting a little better with age though (he turns 3 on Monday).

I must do a catch up email.... miss you. xxxx

jessica said...

What a gorgeous family Naomi! Thanks for sharing alittle bit more about you and your life :)
Have a GREAT Friday my friend!

Em Louise Fairley said...

So good to see everyone! i'm planning on doing something similar soon too. Hugs my sweet friend!

Karon said...

Fabulous post Naomi - love all the photos. Thanks for sharing a little bit of your life and fabulous family:-) Have a great Friday and wonderful weekend.

Anonymous said...

Loved meeting the family! TFS!!! Hugs~Patti

Creative M said...

Hi Naomi,
You have a Beautiful and Loving family.The photos are so SWEET!Thanks for sharing them with us and for allowing me to know more of you and now I love you more.. will look as GORGEOUS as your mom.Now lets talk about Troy,
is he undercover...LOL!
Cannot see him but,guess he's ,Gorgeous...LOL!
Sending bloggie love to you, Michael & Troy,
Migdalia me some cookies....

Decosse's Dynamite Doodles said...

Thanks for sharing all the pictures of your family! It was fun seeing a different side of you on the web again.


Jennifer Swandells said...

Thanks for letting us get to know who all your lovely family are Naomi and for sharing them all with us.

Jen x

Vicky F. AKA Crafting Vicky said...

Those are some awesome family shots!!! You guys look like you are having a wonderful time. And wow big family ;) Thanks for allowing us to know you more!

yyam said...

You have a beautiful family Naomi! Thanks for sharing the pics! :)

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