Saturday Sneak Peak

Bonjour! Goeie dag! as-salām 'alaykum! néih hóu! Ciao! Aloha! Здравствуйте! Hola! nuqneH!

Did I miss anyone?  I even threw in Klingon for any science fiction freaks out there like myself!  Good Saturday to you all and welcome to the latest sneak peak.   Tuesday marks a new freebie in the store so let's take a peek at what it might be...

 So, tell me lovely people, what do you think this one is?  Can't wait to read your guesses.  Remember it doesn't matter how outrageous it is, you might just be right.  Offer up your guesses of the overall design by Monday at 12:00 EST in a comment to be eligible to receive a royally sweet treat. 

I'll offer up a bonus prize to anyone who tells me which of the salutations is Klingon!

 there is still time to sign up for your chance to win Naomi's latest new release:  Moments with Mom!  Click HERE to find out how.


don't forget that our DT call is on right now and we'd love to see you enter!  You can find out all the details by going HERE!

Have a very crafty weekend everybody!  See you on Tuesday for the reveal.

p.s. I was going to wait and reveal my badge once the DT was officially up and running; however, a recent newbie was confused as to whose blog this really was so I figure it is time to sign off in proper format.  What do you think of my badge/sign off?


Cool badge Lisa, nice to be able to see it. Hugs, Jen x
Krafty Keepsakes
Stephanie said…
I think it's a mom fixing her daughter's hair.
Great badge, Lisa.
Naomi Edwards said…
Love your sign off badge Lisa!!! You busy bee, you never stop... have I told you lately that you are the best!!!! Big hugs
I am seeing a fairy princess!! :)
I would have to say that the Klingon saying is nuqneH... now what does that make me lol. I'm thinking that the image is a little fairy throwing fairy dust in the air... just love your badge!!!! Totally fabulous!
Lisa said…
Your sign-off badge is so awesome!! It looks fabulous!! I'm guessing that is a little girl in a field catching fire flies :)

A Mermaid's Crafts
Fit Kitty said…
I like your new badge!

I think your new image is a flower girl. I was so far off last time!

I had to ask my boyfriend about the Klingon - he says it's nuqneH! So if I get the bonus prize, I'll have to give it to him LOL!

Thanks for some fun today!
Iris said…
nuqneH is Klingon

I think your new image is a fairy
This looks like a Princess to me. I love the badge. And nuqneH! is Klingon for hello. But I had to Google it. :) Hugs~Patti

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