September 8, 2013

Good News and Update

First I have to tell you all how much I have missed blogging and seeing what you are creating, just know I have thought of you all everyday!
To keep it simple we have been busy planning the trip for Michael's surgery in Halifax which will be a five day trip. We will leave on the 18th and come home on the 22nd or 23 depending on how Michael does. 
When Michael comes home he will need a wheelchair ramp, wheelchair,walker and other support which is now all in progress, did I ever tell you what an amazing supportive small town I live in? People are so beautiful here and so willing to help in time of need.
Michael will need to learn to walk again as most of you know he will have surgery on both feet, Michael has very little inner core strength due to the way he walks and his leg is slightly twisted so this is going to be a big challenge for him, please send lots and lots of prayers and positive thoughts his way, throw a few in for me too, lol
As for me and my health lets just say I am cancer free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't be happier as you could imagine, the growth was removed and it was also cancer free... this was just the news I needed to boost the positive energy that I will need for Michael.
As you all know, Crafting is absolutely the best medicine and that is exactly what I did when I needed to get away from my thoughts, I am hoping to get all my posts ready to go out for next week and while I am away , I will be bringing my tablet  with me so I can visit you all!!!
Yesterday I ordered Fibre Op , I have had long waiting times waiting for blogs to load , (up to 4 minutes for Lisa's and Vicky's!!) so hopefully this will make it less tedious and I will be able to visit more often.... I choose to believe you all forgive me for the past few weeks for not visiting considering the circumstances...
Off to visit you!!
Thank you all for your amazing support
Lots of Love


Karon said...

Naomi, this is fabulous news for you - what a relief! Hope all goes well with Michaels surgery in a couple of weeks and then the recovery afterwards. Look after yourselves. Hugs, Karon.

Sherrie K. said...

Awesome news Naomi! I am sure you have been worried sick. I pray that Michaels surgery goes well and he recovers quickly! Hang in there, keep your chin up and like you said stay positive! You are AMAZING and strong! We will all continue to be here and know we are hoping nothing but the best!
Hugs my friend!!!
Sherrie K

Jennifer Swandells said...

Hi Naomi, I am so very pleased to hear your wonderful news. It is such a great feeling to know that everything is negative. Hugs, kisses, and thoughts will be with Michael and your family when he goes through his operation. Hugs, Jen xx
Krafty Keepsakes

Anonymous said...

This is great news! I will be praying for your family as Michael's surgery takes place and the recovery begins. Can't wait to start seeing you around again. Huge Hugs~Patti

Edwina said...

Yay! So glad you are cancer free. That is great news. I hope Michael will be okay and his feet will heal strong. Edwina Brown

yyam said...

Glad you are okay Naomi. :)
Quite an uphill task for you after the surgery but I'm so glad you have local support. Please know that I'm rooting for you at this end. Take care!

Wendy L said...

Good news for you and I hope all goes well for Michael. Will be thinking of you all. xxx

ike said...

Ah - there you are my little Friend :-) I have been fretting but I am so glad you come back to us with good news :-D xxx
I wish Michael all the best and will be sending my hugest healing vibes :-) Good luck with everything.

Huge mega Hugz

IKE xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Fit Kitty said...

Fabulous - I love hearing good news like this! Hope everything goes great with your son's surgery.

Take care,
KT FitKitty

Stephanie said...

So happy for your good report. I pray Michael's surgery and recovery are just as good. Prayers for all of you.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

AWESOME NEWS!!!!!! YAYYYYYYYYYYYY!! And I know that everything for Michael will go great and it will all be good!!!!!

Karen said...

Naomi, our beloved friend, you certainly know you have an army of prayer warriors from blog land lifting you and Michael up every day! I thank God for the angels He's given charge over you... you both will only grow stronger and healthier every single day. Endless love and hugs being sent to you! A beautifully brilliant (and sparkly) future awaits! :o)

Extra hugs and blessings!

Em said...

That is AWESOME news my sweet, sweet friend! As always, all of you are in my thoughts and prayers xxx

jessica said...

So excited to hear your happy news! CONGRATS!!!!!!
Wishing Michael all the best in his surgery and know with you by his side he will be on the road to recovery before we know it!
I will be thinking of you and you family!

katieo said...

Hi Naomi. Just to let you know I am thinking of you and Michael. I will be saying lots of prayers for you two. Sorry I haven't stopped by, My laptop is in the shop, have to borrow hubbies

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