September 7, 2013

Mega Monkey Mania Saturday Sneak Peek...running a bit late

Well, I have another oops this week.  It is beginning to be a bit of a problem and I better be careful lest I am fired.  I had it in my head that I had this post all set up and scheduled to go out in its usual Saturday morning spot.  Apparently my head is completely unreliable because I didn't have anything ready AT ALL.  As I was laying out the schedule for next month to get the DT all set up, gathering some information and playing with some ideas of how to present next month's images, it dawned on me that I hadn't checked to make sure that today's post went out.  Not only didn't it go out, there was nothing ready TO GO OUT.  Sheesh!  Bad Promotional Coordinator.  It doesn't help that it feels more like a Friday than a Saturday.  Good thing I checked!  Thankfully, it is at least still Saturday--well in my part of the world anyways.

So before anymore time goes by, how about I show you a morsel of this week's upcoming freebie...

Once again, I have three questions for you to ponder over the next couple of days since you already know it is a monkey.
  1. What sex do you think this money will be?
  2. What do you think the name of the monkey will be? Of course it starts with M like the others.
  3. What familial relationship will this monkey have to the other members in the group?
If you get ONE of these questions correct, I'll send you off a sentiment.  If you answer TWO of them correctly, I'll add a digital paper to the mix.  If you actually answer all THREE correctly, there will be an extra special goody added to the mix.  Offer up your guesses by Monday at 12:00 noon EST in a comment to be eligible.

 there is still time to sign up for your chance to win Naomi's latest new release:  Manfred!  Click HERE to find out how.

don't forget there is still a few days left to apply for our DT call. I must admit, I'm rather disappointed with the turn out.   If you know of anyone who'd be perfect for our team please direct them HERE where they can find out all the details they need in order to apply!

Enjoy the remainder of your weekend my lovely readers!  See you all on Tuesday for the reveal--if I can get it together and get the post out that is. ;O)


Iris said...


Anonymous said...

Let's see:




Edwina said...

A female, the Mother, her name is Mildred. Edwina Brown

Monkey Toes Too said...


ike said...

Oooooh !! Let's see....
Myvanwy or Melissa

IKE xxxxxxxxxx

Fit Kitty said...

I love playing along!


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