Bit By the Bug: Another Bug is Born...Budding Love

Welcome to the final week in our Love is in the Air collection of new releases.  I hope that the love that you receive and the love you give continues to blossom throughout time.  The next image being released in this new collection is another great one for showing that extra special person in your life, just what they mean to you...
Both versions of Budding Love are in the STORE in the new Bugalicious section and are available for purchase, if you are interested.  Clicking HERE should bring you right to that section.

Aren't digi stamps wonderful?  You can take one stamp and people can have different interpretations of it.  While Naomi had originally intended that this image be of two ants, both Monica and Vicky saw bees.  It once again proves just how versatile stamps can be.  Oh and if you are wondering why the image is called, "Budding Love", it is because when ants reproduce, it is called budding.  Apparently this male ant is all set to get his groove on tonight.

 Team Bugaloo is up with creations to showcase Naomi's cute new image this week...

Such a sweet card by Vicky.  Wonderful card shape and framing too.  You can check out the details of this project over on Vicky's blog Crafting Vicky.

Next up is...

Monica has created a wonderful birthday card perfect for when you are running a bit late.  Love those button flowers!  You can check out all the details of Monica's card by visiting her blog, TaylorMade 4U.

Even Naomi had the opportunity to create a card...

 How adorable!  Love the contrast of the dark ants with the white and also that wonderful diecut frame with its edges inked in the corresponding blue we find in the coloured version of the image.  Great sentiment too!

Sneak peek guesses...

Thanks to all of you who offered up guesses.  There was a common theme among most of the guesses that it was a bug in love and technically I suppose you are correct!  So, congrats to those of you who suggested it was a love bug or a bug in love.  That list includes: KT Fit Kitty, Kimberly (well technically Kimberly's 7 year old son), Edwina and Sarah.  Contact me please by clicking HERE to pull up my email address and send me a message with the subject heading 'CBD Sneak Peek: Budding Love' and I'll send you three "Love Bug" sentiments that you can find in the watermark below.   Please note that it might take me a few days to get back to you though, so I appreciate your patience.

Now, it is your chance to win a copy of the latest new release...

Once again you have the opportunity to win a copy of Naomi's newest release.  In order to have your name in the running to win a copy of Budding Love, think of one person that means a lot to you.  Tell me one special thing about them?  I'd love to hear your thoughts on the subject.  Leave a comment ON THIS POST by noon on March 3rd, in order to have your chance at winning this image. Please note that due to the challenge starting next Wednesday, the time frame to answer is two days less.

Winners will be announced during a special winner announcement post on Tuesday, March 4th!

Which means it is time to announce the winner of the last new release.  I had wanted to know, who in your life gives you the best hugs?  Four people answered and it was nice to see that the majority of you have someone special in your life that you can get a great hug from.  Hugs really are very important as they release hemoglobin in the blood and help to cure what ails us.  Personally, I get fabulous hugs from my wonderful hubs.  Of course you have to be ready for them because they can be rather bone crushing if you are not.

 Time to tell you who won a copy of the last new release, Love Struck Bears...

(randomly chosen at  Mini Web Tool)

Kimberly, please contact me by clicking HERE with the subject heading 'Love Struck Bears' to get your copy.  It might take me a few days to get back to you, so I appreciate your patience.

Now for our final love related joke...
Q: What did one light bulb say to the other?
A: I love you a whole watt!

 Don't Forget...

Please join us next Wednesday as we lauch our very first challenge.  We hope that you will come and join us.  If you missed the pre-launch, you can find some more details on what is in store for the month of March by clicking HERE.
Since there will be no sneak peak on Saturday, I'll see you all on Tuesday to let you know who won a copy of the today's release.  Until then, have a fabulous week everyone!


Sooooooooo cute!! I love love love those bugs!!!!!
KT Fit Kitty said…
The little love bugs are sweet! And they look just as cute whether they are ants or bees LOL. Lovely cards by Naomi and the DT.

Thanks for the win - I just emailed you. Now for this week's question, I will pick my BF as the person who means a lot to me, and one special thing about him that I admire is his generosity. Much more generous than I am LOL. Wishing you a joyful day!
sue k said…
Such cute little bugs, they would make the perfect card for my son and his wife. There are many things that make my son so special to me, we both had some emergency complications when he was born and he is one of the people who managed to figure out what he wanted to do with his life at a very early age and is now living that life in a Tokyo. He also found a wonderful wife and I am so very happy to have her as a daughter.
Karen said…
How adorable are those little buggie sweethearts?! :o) They are fantastic, Naomi! The DT did an amazing job. Naomi, your card just makes me smile.. I love the pretty base, the sweet sentiment, and the gorgeous bow. Your work always exudes love and sweetness... just like YOU always do! I am truly thankful for you and love you with all of my heart! :o)

Hugs and blessings,
Love the lil love bugs :)

April Rogers said…
I'm new to all of the digis and blogs, so a BIG <3 felt thank you!
I'm learning so much for my card making and it is so fun and therapeutic for me.
As for 1 love... Oh my.. Right now I have 4. My mom so strong and struggling with loss of dad and health. DH for moving in with mom and supporting both of us emotionally. My middle son as he just went through 2nd surgery like a trouper, and his son having to deal with separation anxiety, as his dad is here for me to care for over the next week and him having to go home and back to school. See I can't just pick one. ;-) Love all the support everyone has for each other on the blogs too. XO Nana April
Edwina said…
I love the bugs! They are just too cute!
A person who means the most to me... That would be my deceased husband. I sure miss him even after all this time. We only had 4 1/2 years together. We were together 24/7 during that time. He was an invalid. I took care of him. He is the one who encouraged me to take painting lessons. It has helped me every day to deal with stress and my illness. Every time I pick up a Copic and color a digi my skill is thanks to my husband. I miss his hugs and his love, his wisdom, and since of adventure. Lloyd died in 1999. Edwina Brown
These ants are cute! My husband is the one I love the most. It doesn't compare to the love of a child and it is one I will miss when he is gone. My husband is 17 years older than I am and he has been my rock. We had been dating for about a year and a half when I got ill. When I was given my diagnosis I knew that some people may not be able to handle what was going to be my future. I sat him down and explained it all then I told him I was giving him an out. If he couldn't handle it then I wanted him to leave now with no hurt feelings. I was hoping he wouldn't but I was prepared to let him go. I had never seen my husband cry before but he did that day and he told me he loved me for me not if I can walk, be in a wheelchair, fat, skinny it doesn't matter and he wasn't going anywhere. He hasn't either. Come St. Patty's day we will be together for 16 years and married for 4. Even though my husband's health is declining he still goes to work everyday at a physically demanding job to pay our bills and when he is home he encourages me to do my crafts to keep me interested in things that are not child related. He cooks, cleans, shops and does anything else that I can no longer do and he does it all without complaint. He is my everything.
ike said…
Eeeeek !! These are so darn cute :-D
Sorry I haven't visited for a while - I have been a sickly person :-(
LUV these Bugs :-D xxxxxx
mysteria said…
hey I love you site I hope mine is as great as this one

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